Friday Five {6/2/23}

FRIDAY! Yay. I have nothing on my agenda this weekend, and I’m so excited for some quality time with my fam. Cue the summer pool days, backyard cookouts, and driveway popsicles. 

Here are five little things that are bringing me joy right now: 

1. This book!

I don’t read as much fiction as I used to…and I miss it! It’s a decision I’ve made lately in this balancing game of parenthood, but fiction is something I’ll always love. 

Anyway, for book club, the most recent book we decided to read was this one

And it is the BEST fiction book I’ve read in a very long time. (Even from back in my days of reading a bunch of books every month.) 

I don’t know anything about gaming world, but this novel just drew me in. It was so relatable. I really love the way the author described love, and relationships, and friendships. 

And there was a shocking turn at the 3/4 mark. 

I will pretty much be recommending this book to everyone I know. It’s not a “summer read” exactly, but it would definitely be a good one to pack if you have any long flights or trips coming up. 

2. New Capsules

Yes, this is a thing I get excited about now.. 

Do you remember when I wrote this Cadence blog post review and said that the ONLY thing I disliked about these travel containers was that they didn’t offer a bigger size that I could use for conditioner and body lotion? 

Well now they have it. How amazing are these?

And now I’m probably going to buy another set of these because I love them SO much. 

my review of cadence capsules Build Your 12

If you have any upcoming trips this summer, these little magnetic travel containers are AMAZING! 

They hold all of my cosmetics in these tiny little leak-proof containers that are clearly marked. 

I save money by never having to buy overpriced travel-sized toiletries. 

And while my toiletries used to take up about 50% of my suitcase, now they can just squeeze into my carry on bag very easily. 

I love these capsules. 10 out of 10 recommend. 

3. Tri Recap

Did you catch my triathlon recap yesterday? 

CapTex Olympic Triathlon Recap

I recap these things because I don’t want to forget a single memory! This race day was wonderful. I had SO much fun swimming, biking, and running through downtown Austin on Memorial Day.

Feel free to read the full CapTex Olympic Triathlon recap here! 

4. A funny movie

If you need a good flick to watch at the theaters before the big summer blockbusters come out, Nate and I went to Alamo last weekend and watched…

^ Not this. That was obviously a preview for Spiderman.

About My Father. 

Y’all. I laughed out loud SO many times in the theater! It was one of those movie where the entire theater starts laughing at the exact same times. Like, soooo so funny! 

Robert De Niro was adorable in it. And Sebastian Maniscalco is absolutely hilarious. 

I’m excited for some of the big movies this summer (Barbie, Transformers, Indiana Jones, and so many other good ones!) but I thought this was a really cute, memorable movie. 

5. Milo's photos

My 3-year-old has started asking if he can use my phone to take pictures. First the took a picture of mommy and Dayton…

And then he asked if he could take a picture of this lion…

And then he thought we should take a picture of this car, and I love how you can see Daytons little toes in the corner. I’ll cherish these photos forever. 🙂 

Have a wonderful weekend! I’ll talk to you here on Monday!! XO. 

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