CapTex Tri 2023 Training: 1 Week Until Race Day!

Less than a week until race day. What. The. Heck. Y’all, I’m so excited!

I just got back from a fantastic wedding weekend in Vegas (congratulations to my besties Caitlin and Jason!!) and now I’m officially in triathlon prep mode.

Bike is tuned up.

I have my bib number.

Gear is ready.

I’m hydrating hardcore all week.

My mind is feeling sturdy and strong!

I’m very aware that there’s not a lot I can do, in regards to training, that will make or break the race at this point. I mean, I could definitely overdo it this week and hurt myself, but I can’t really get a lot stronger/faster with any training I do this week. The work has been done!

My goal this week is to get plenty of rest, keep my body moving with some short and restorative workouts, hydrate often, and fuel it. I know that the race will be hot (the run will be around 9:30 am, which is pretty warm in late May in Austin.) So I’m making sure I get in electrolytes and I’m not drinking booze this week.

I’m thankful for this entire training process and the ways that I’ve gotten stronger in the last 4 months. Hard to believe that in one week the race will be over!

By the way, if you love tracking races, you can track athletes on this app. You can follow any of the race participants, including me (hi!), the professional triathletes, or any random people you know who are competing. It’s always kind of fun to see the race live!

Ok, the next time I write about this race will be my race recap. (Read my sprint triathlon race recap from 2022 here). Thanks for following along. This journey has been so, so much fun.  XO.

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