My Life Lately (Vol 13)

It’s almost summer!!! I mean, I know that summer doesn’t technically start until late June, but I always think of Memorial Day as the kick off to the summer season in Texas. Cue the pool days, backyard popsicles, afternoon movies in the air conditioning, and lots and lots of grilling. I’m so excited.

This weekend is going to be a fun one over here! My sister is coming down to Austin to do the CapTex Tri with me on Memorial Day, and we’ll have a few other guests (another sister, some significant others, my in-laws) visiting, too. Can’t wait to host the crowd and have an amazing meal on Monday after the race.

For today, though, I have a few little pics to share from my life lately.

This little 3-year-old finished his semester at Emler! We looooove those swim lessons! He’s been taking them on and off since he was 2 months old! Look at this little guy…

…hahah. A very chubby, precious, bald little baby boy. Milo is doing great in the water right now! We’ll take the summer semester off of swim lessons since we’ll be at our local pool all the time. Can’t wait to see how he does in the water all summer! 

Aww! Still reminiscing about the Vegas trip last weekend. I’ll share a full recap of it soon. We had soooo much fun.

My life involves a lot of bike rides these days. Both boys are on their woom bikes now and want to ride aaalll the time. Also, Dayton is wearing rainboots and a halloween shirt. Is it raining? No. Is it Halloween? Also no.

But he really loves his rainboots right now.

I snuck in one last final swim this week! The CapTex tri is just a few days away now! I’ve loved the feeling of being back in the water. I probably won’t sustain the swim workouts throughout the summer (it’s really tricky for me to get away for long workouts while I have these two little boys at home), but it was very fun for the past few months to feel like a swimmer again after so many years away from the sport.

It’s been soooo rainy in Austin and I’m always looking for indoor things to do with the boys. We had a rainy Saturday morning in Austin recently, so I took Milo and Dayton to Indigo Play. It’s EPIC!

They both loved it! Haha, this picture is so funny to me. Dayton just wanted to ride around and around, and Milo took it to be his responsibility to push the merry-go-round. And whenever another toddler came nearby, Milo would say, “oh, you want to ride? Ok! I’ll come push you!” and would then push that toddler around and around.

A lewk.

This little guy is wrapping up his semester at Emler, too! So proud of this boy and all the progress he’s made.

World’s greatest grocery shopping experience. I’m pretty sure Milo actually believed he was steering this thing.

And one photo of two precious boys in their matching pjs. I love these two so, so much.

That’s what’s been going on in my life lately! A lot of shenanigans. 😉

Y’all, I’m going to hop off of blog world for a few days as I focus on hosting some people this weekend and getting ready for my race on Monday. I’ll be back here next Wednesday to share some fun stuff with you! Hope you have a wonderful weekend! XO.

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