T Minus 3 Weeks Until My Wedding! Here’s How It Feels..

Ready to hear about my feelings?? 😉 Haha. Great.  I have all the feels this month! My wedding is three weeks from tomorrow, which isn’t even true. How could it be true? A wedding has so much build-up and anticipation, so I’m struggling to even believe that mine is actually happening. Crazy!

5 years into my marriage I won’t even remember what it felt like to be in the final countdown to my wedding day, so I’m going to write it out here. And if you’ve already experienced this day for yourself, let me know if I’m even kinda close to describing how you felt in the weeks leading up..

Things That Stress Me Out:

Hosting the biggest party of my life (so far…)

I aspire to be a great host, but that’s just not me. Some people are perfectly natural at this, but whenever I host a small party or get-together, I’m not that effortless, cool host who makes it look easy to talk to each guest and make them feel welcome while keeping appetizer trays fresh and making sure that no one is feeling left out or bored. IT IS A BIG STRUGGLE me to host, haha! So, considering that my wedding is basically a big party for a bunch of friends and family, I definitely lie awake at night (or fall asleep and have weird dreams, ha!) when I think of hosting that many people..

Disapearing the week before my wedding

I’m going on a bachelorette trip next week (eeek!!!), which I’ll talk about a little bit more later, but because I’m disappearing from Austin for the week before my wedding, I have to make sure I’ve dotted my i’s and crossed my t’s before I leave. Now, this was totally my own doing…I could have made it easier on myself by not taking this trip, but I think it’s going to be so worth it!! It’s just making life a little crazy right now.

all the details

This is where I spend a lot of my free time these days. I’m kind of amazed at how many little details there are that go into a wedding, and my wedding isn’t even that big or formal of a production! It’s at a small venue with under 100 guests, but I’m still constantly trying to keep up with all the things!! And it seems that as soon as I cross one item off my list, four new things show up. I was talking about last week this with someone who has children, and she basically just shrugged and said, “welcome to real life, honey!” Maybe dealing with the never-ending To Do List for a wedding is just preparation for having kids someday. Ha.

Things That Calm Me Down:

Trying (and failing) to remember friend’s weddings

Sorry friends…but when I think of your weddings, I mostly remember eating food, drinking drinks, and dancing. I don’t remember many other details! The little details that stress me out right now are probably the things that no one will notice or remember, and realizing that makes me feel better.

my wedding dress

Y’all, I picked the most forgiving wedding dress! It’s so much fun to wear. Each time I put it on for a fitting, I don’t want to change out of it! I won’t go into details because sometimes Nate reads my blog, but I’ll will say that I picked a dress that is comfortable and flattering (I tend to gain weight at my tummy, so I didn’t want to buy a wedding dress that would make me worried about holding it in all evening). This means that if I get stressed out and eat half a dozen Gourdoughs donuts the night before the wedding (hey, weirder things have happened!), my dress. will. still. zip. Haha, but in all seriousness, when my sister, mom, and I went dress shopping last fall, having a “comfortable dress” was at the top of my priority list!

waterproof mascara

Just knowing that this is a thing in the world is a great comfort to me.

remembering this fact: i get to marry nate

I’m embarrassed that I even have to remind myself of this because it should always be at the front of my mind, but stepping away from the WEDDING and focusing on the MARRIAGE puts everything back in perspective. Because no matter what goes right or wrong on the wedding day, I have the insane privilege of spending my life with this handsome, fun person who loves and supports me and makes me laugh at his ridiculous jokes.

Do you remember any specifics about your wedding day, or was it just a big blur? I am SO excited for my day to get here!!



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7 years ago

I love this! You’re so close! and yes., Nate’s jokes are ridiculous. But just remember you’re not just getting nate – you’re getting his cat siblings too. What more could you actually want in life?

7 years ago

🙂 All smiles! I can imagine how you’re feeling. I’m so excited for you!

7 years ago

Enjoy it all!!! Can’t wait to hear more about your trip!

7 years ago

I had to comment because Sam and I have been married almost three years and I sometimes get so envious of people at the point that you’re at right now! It’s such an exciting time so try and soak it in as much as you can! Most things will fall into place, there were a couple of little details on my wedding day that didn’t go as planned but I had to breath, sip on some champs and let them go 🙂 As far as the wedding being a blur, it definitely was! Don’t worry too much about hosting – people know what to do at weddings, it’s exactly like you said: they eat, they drink, they dance and some of them will try and steal too much of your time talking to you! Don’t let them! Even if you love them to death, because it’s you and your soon-to-be husband’s night and you guys should be enjoying it to the fullest because it goes by so fast! Hope you have the best bachelorette party! Congrats!!!

3 years ago

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