3 Years Ago….

3 years ago today, on February 1 2014, I decided to go on just one more online date before canceling my online dating profile so I could focus on my spring semester of grad school. And that’s how I met this man in a Texas craft beer bar on Rainey street in Austin, TX. And in just 53 days, we’ll be hosting a bunch of our friends in family for a big ol’ Austin wedding party to start our lives as a married couple.

Love is funny, because sometimes it’s just a chance of luck. Right? We both happened to be doing online dating at the same time, in the same city. I don’t think I did anything exceptional to deserve such an amazing relationship, but here it is, anyway…and my life is the happiest it’s ever been! I honestly feel so lucky that I get to spend life with this person.  So even though I’m glad that we each took a little action on our part (either one of us could have chosen not to respond to a message, not to initiate a date, not to choose that particular dating website….), the situation also just so happened to be right at that time in life. And OH MY GOSH I’m so happy it was!

I just think that it’s interesting to think about the slim chance of any two people finding each other….and how that also makes love SO amazing! Because you actually did find each other. And it just feels so special and incredible, yet it happens to people every single day!

Each year we go out to eat somewhere special for our dating anniversary. Our first year was Lenoir, a teeny-tiny French restaurant on S. First street. For our second anniversary, we celebrated at Qui, which was closed and then re-opened by the same chef as a different concept. And this year? Eeeks, I’m really excited for our year 3 restaurant! I’ll be sure to post plenty of pics on instagram when we’re there in a couple of days!

And just for funsies, here’s a little throw-back of the first picture we ever took together and posted on Facebook (you know how that moment is always the biggest deal because it lets the world know you’re dating someone? Haha…), back when I had short hair and no bangs, and Nate was clean-shaven. We were at Odd Duck, which is still just as much a favorite of ours now as it was then.

My heart is full. Happy Wednesday, friends!


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7 years ago

Great anniversary restaurant picks! 🙂 Also, I love that you did some engagement photos at Craft Pride where y’all first met. My husband and I love going there as well!

7 years ago

I did the exact same thing a month before you and now three years later we are talking about getting engaged <3 exciting times ahead!

Amanda Elizabeth - Meet at the Barre
7 years ago

Awwwww this is so sweet! I met my husband by complete chance as well and it is just so crazy how life happens right?

7 years ago

Yay!! Happy 3 years! Cannot WAIT to celebrate with you so soon!!

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