Our Engagement Photos

Nate and I get married two months from today (eeks!), so we’re in the home stretch of wedding planning stuff. I’d say that planning a wedding has been fun, overwhelming at times, not quite as big a deal as I originally thought it might be, but definitely more time consuming than I anticipated.

Here’s why: there are literally millions of wedding ideas. From pinterest to instagram to just googling and clicking around on wedding planners and bloggers websites, I have no shortage of good ideas being thrown my way! But I’ve realized pretty quickly that if I look at too many ideas, I’ll never pick one. Haha. Take wedding dresses, for instance: there are a plethora of styles, brands, price points, and even colors from which to choose, and I spent a lot of time on pinterest looking at what I liked. But after several weeks of this, I realized that there were so many different dress styles that I liked equally, and I needed to just pick one! So I found a store that had several of that style, drove to Houston, tried on about 6 dresses, and picked my favorite that day. And then I was done. And I know that I could have (maybe should have?) driven around to other stores, spent a few days debating it, set up other fittings, blah blah blah…. But my personality just wanted to pick one and be done. And I LOVE my dress! Could I have maybe found another dress that I liked better? Possibly. Would it have made me happier? I don’t think so!

So that’s what this whole rant is about. There are too many options, and eventually I just have to pick one and move on and realize that there are a million RIGHT answers when planning a wedding.

Anyway…moving right along.

Since today marks t-minus two months until our wedding, I’m sharing some of our engagement photos! Nate and I took them with our photographer Sam last fall. We wanted to do one of the locations on Rainey street at Craft Pride, the bar where we had our first date (not where we met, because we met online), and the other location at The Long Center where Nate will sometimes come to watch me play with Austin Symphony or Austin Opera; the Long Center has one of the prettiest views of downtown Austin! Unfortunately, Texas Monthly’s BBQ Fest was going on that weekend at the Long Center, so we improvised by using the surrounding areas.

** Photos by Sam Hugh Photography


Oh my. I love that man so much. And I’m so glad we decided to take engagement photos…I was on talking with my mom shortly after I got engaged last summer, and when I told her that we weren’t planning on doing an engagement session, she encouraged me to rethink it. She said it’s one of the only times when you’ll have professional shots taken of just the two of you, and you’ll be happy to have those photos.

And she was right!

Happy Wednesday, y’all!


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7 years ago

ADORABLE pics!! Photograph everything! You will want the memories 🙂

7 years ago

LOVE the photos!

7 years ago

Your photos are gorgeous!! I am so with you on the wedding planning philosophy. I barely used Pinterest when I planned mine, and I would just look at things once and make my decision. I went dress shopping once, picked my bridesmaid dresses after seeing about 4 choices, picked the flowers I immediately thought were prettiest. It’s so much easier that way and I think it’s good to go with your gut feeling! Good luck with the last few months, I hope it flies by!!

Mary Leigh
7 years ago

These photos are great! And I agree with there being SO many options when it comes to wedding planning. I say just make a choice and stick with it. So many little details!

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