Our Morning Routine These Days!

I never get tired of looking at how people spend their hours/days/weeks.

It’s a weird obsession of mine.

It’s all so fascinating! Haha. I think I’m just curious about how people get things done, where they’re finding the most joy/excitement/fulfillment out of each day, and, of course, how I can better schedule my own life to make things make sense.

(Because good lord…some days none of it makes sense.)

Parenting has made a big difference in my morning routine. I’ve talked about this plenty of times, but adding these two precious boys into our lives has totally rocked Nate’s and my world! All of a sudden, the mornings start much earlier and require a lot more out of us.

And so, I love creating some sort of system to help provide a rhythm and structure to our morning. It seems to change every 3-6 months or so (based on the boys ages.) They’re so young right now! Every few months there’s a change in their growth and eating and sleeping and needs and schedule, so I have to kind of live in a “flexibly rigid” sort of schedule.

Ok, enough of all of this. Let’s get to the morning routine!

Friends, I’ve lived enough days to know there are no normal mornings. haha! Every single one is a bit different. But I snapped photos from a morning last weekend so I could share with you the chaos routine of our mornings.

5:30 am: I always wake up somewhere between 5:15-6 am. If I have a long ride or a bunch of work to do, I’ll wake up at 5:15. If I need to get a little extra sleep, I’ll set my alarm for 6.

Heading upstairs to do a Peloton ride!  I am 100% fully obsessed with Peloton life these days. I can’t imagine trying to squeeze in a workout that involves driving to/from a studio at this stage of life. (I miss it, I really do! It’s just not something that fits into life right now.)

Hello and good morning. It’s way too early for me to be taking selfies.

Cycling shoes on, water bottles ready, and here we go for a morning ride at…

…5:46. I had a 45-minute Power Zone ride scheduled for this day. I finished with a cooldown and a stretch and then went downstairs. (Side note: I always wish I had a bit more time to do a 15 minute strength class, too! But that would mean waking up earlier, which isn’t something I’m willing to do at this point.)

6:45 am: coffee time! Bless.

And unloading the dishwasher at the same time.

And eating a bite of food (because I know I won’t be able to eat once the boys wake up…the day turns into madness.)

None of these things are pictured because this part of the day feels a bit like a rush! There are a few odds and ends (coffee, eat, dishwasher, shower) that I like to squeeze in before the boys are awake. I can totally do them after they wake up…it just makes the day feel more chaotic.

7:00 am: world’s fastest shower. And no, I don’t wash my hair every day, because that sound incredibly boring to me, so I just shower and then use some dry shampoo. I loooove the Batiste dry shampoo, though! I used crazy expensive dry shampoo from Sephora for years, and ever since I started trying this brand (I just get it on Amazon or H-E-B) I’ve been using it exclusively.

7:15: Milo is awake!

He is just so precious in the morning, with his jammies and his sleepy eyes. He typically wakes up in his room around 7 am, but he knows he can’t come out of his room until his Hatch light turns off. (I’v found that he wakes up in a much better mood if I give him 15 minutes or so to “wake up” on his own in his room before coming downstairs!)

One of my favorite things to do is to watch his bedroom camera when the Hatch light turns off. He always stands up in his bed, walks to the edge and kind of “boings” down on his bum and lands on the floor. Then he grabs his Tat-Tat (stuffed cat) and Yeti water from his bedside table and comes downstairs.

“Mommy, my light turned off!”

(He says it every single morning, as if he needs to prove that it is ok that he’s awake now.)

Snuggles for his Tat Tat.

Hot milk and breakfast!

Dayton is (miraculously) still asleep…

…so Milo and I get to snuggle on the couch and watch Daniel Tiger for 15 minutes.

The cutest baby is awake!

Oh my GOODNESS. I just love a precious baby waking up in a cozy sleep sack. It’s the best thing.

I bring some warm milk for him upstairs to his room and let him drink it while I change his diaper in the morning. ^He saw it behind me and is reaching for it.

8-8:30…no pictures because it involves making Dayton’s breakfast, helping Milo get dressed, getting Dayton dressed, packing things up, getting myself ready to get out the door, etc. Weekends tend to be a little bit more chill, and week days feel slightly more hurried. Regardless of the day, we’re usually out of the house by about 9 am or so.

On this particular day it meant a morning walk to the park. Sweet boys!

Ok, that’s it! Boring? Probably. Predictable? Never ever, even though I wish our mornings could be! Every day is a little different depending on when the boys decide to wake, the moods they’re in, and a myriad of other things. But that’s a peek into our mornings from waking until 9 am.


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