Friday Five (2/17/23)

San Antonio Barbecue

Wooohoo, Friday! Even with young kids (so the weekends don’t really mean my schedule changes all that much…), there’s something about Friday that just feels different. It feels fun and invigorating. 

What are you up to this weekend? I might check out a restaurant with my friend Caitlin and watch my boys ride bikes and scooters around the front driveway. Oh, and I’m hoping to have a few hours to relax on the couch with a book. I just started this historical fiction novel and I’m determined to carve out some time this weekend to read it.

Here are a few little tidbits for you today! 


Did you see?! The San Antonio Things just published a guide to the best bbq in SA! This one was such a labor of love. Sara (senior editor of The San Antonio Things) and I ate a TON of smoked meats to write a thorough guide to one of the hottest barbecue cities in the country right now.

There are just so many fantastic places to eat in that city right now.

Whether you live in SA, you live near SA, or you’re thinking of maaaaybe going to visit it someday, please go check out our guide to the BEST BARBECUE IN SAN ANTONIO. I’m obsessed with it. 


It’s awards season, and I’m here for it. I looooove the Oscars every year! Oddly, I’m not a huge movie buff or anything…but every year when they release the Oscar nominations, I do my best to watch every single Best Picture  candidate. 

And then on Sunday, March 12, you’d better believe that I’ll be sitting on my couch watching all the celebrities dressed up in beautiful suits and gowns on that red carpet! I just love it all. 

Here are the Best Picture nominations, in case you’re curious how many you’ve watched thus far: 



THE BANSHEES OF INISHERIN (<- side note: Nate and I just watched this one a few nights ago and I feel like I need to talk about it…it was so weird.)






TRIANGLE OF SADNESS (<- another veeeerrry interesting one that I’m still thinking about weeks after watching.) 


That’s TEN nominations, y’all! Ten. It seems like every year they keep nominating a larger and larger number, haha. I’ve only watched four of these thus far, so I have my work cut out for me!


I just finished reading this book. It’s older (2015, I think?) but much of it is still very relevant. 

It has me thinking a lot about having a career while being a parent and what it all looks like. 

Here’s what I know for sure: no two parents do it the exact same way. Before becoming a mom, I just assumed that the “normal” thing was to work a 9-5 job and have the kids in a full-time day car or school. 

Nope! I know so many parents who work, and every single person has a slightly different schedule! There are a trillion ways to balance life, work, childcare, careers, etc, and there’s not one “right” way. 

Anyway, back to this book...

If you’re interested in thinking a bit more about how many hours you want to spend with your kids, at your desk, with your partner, out with friends, relaxing on the couch, working out…it’s a fascinating read. I’m actually doing a time-tracking challenge right now because I’m very curious how much time I put into each category! 

I think there’ s a certain personality type that will enjoy this book. If it’s you, it’s worth a read.


This sweet man. 

Valentines Day was on Tuesday, and we don’t typically do much to celebrate it. (We just celebrate other things instead! Anniversaries and birthdays, etc.)  But this year I told Nate that I kind of want to celebrate Valentines this year…nothing big, but maybe we could just split a nice bottle of wine after the boys go to bed. 

So I put Milo to bed at 7:00 and came downstairs to a 5-course interactive  dinner, complete with drinks pairings and flowers and gifts. Nate cooked while I sat on a bar stool and watched (my favorite!) and we enjoyed delicacies like Point Reyes cheese and bone marrow and fish tins and Basque cider and champagne and  steak au poivre. 

It was quite an extravagant Tuesday night. 


Freetail Brewing

SO many Austin breweries won medals at the Texas Craft Brewers Cup last weekend! Here’s the full list, in case you’d like to check out one of these breweries over the weekend. (I actually stopped by Freetail in San Antonio last week to try the 4 beers that won medals for them.)

Happiest Friday to you. XO

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