How Many Ear Piercings Do You Have?

I got two new ear piercings last week. This was my first time going into a piercing studio in 13 years (!!) and these new little gems in my ear are making me so happy. I’m suddenly curious about everyone else’s piercings. When I’m standing in line at Costco or filling up the car with gas, I’m noticing ears now! I think it’s fun to ask my friends about their piercing choices; unlike tattoos, which often hold personal or sensitive stories, piercings are typically simpler. They’re artistic, fun little things and not quite as big of a commitment as tattoos. I’d love to hear about yours! 

how many ear piercings do you have?

I’ve gotten 7 piercings in my life, but I only wear 6. (One of them has mostly closed over, now.) 

On my left ear I have 4, and on my right ear I have 2. The original lobe piercing was when I was 13, and I got that done at Claire’s. Typical 90s kid. 😉 My parents said I needed to be 13 to get my ears pierced, and so I went to the mall on my birthday and did just that.

The second hole on my lobe was when I was 15 and decided to pierce my own ears with that sharp piercing jewelry from my first piercing. I did it a la Parent Trap style (the 1998 version) and iced my ears for a long time and then just popped it through. Cringe. I decided to become the family piercer and somehow convinced my friend and my sister to let me pierce their ears, too. This was all totally non sterile and definitely not recommended. The good news is no ears got infected – phew! I wore the second lobe piercing for a year or two, and then I let it go. This was 16 years ago….

When I was 18, my older sister and I both went and got a helix piercing. We did it at a tattoo and piercing parlor in Deep Ellum in Dallas and we felt very edgy. Haha. I wore this piercing for just a short while, though. I was in the middle of my college swimming career, and a tight latex swim cap pressed against a piercing every day = lots of nastiness. It always looked awful and was getting infected, so I eventually just took that one out and let it grow in. 

Fast forward to last week…. I decided to get two little gems in my left ear! Maybe it’s beng in my thirties, or the fact that I’m done with pregnancy now and I’m feeling like my body is kinda/sorta my own again, but I’m finally doing things that I’ve always wanted to do. (Like transitioning from brunette to blonde over the summer.) 

I got two dainty little studs in my left helix. They’re fresh and new, and I love them. I typically wear my hair down, so they’re not a super noticeable change. But they feel like a fun little thing that I did just for me. 

And remember that second lobe piercing from when I was 15? I hadn’t worn it in 16 years, but last week I decided to see if I could still get an earring in there, and I could! I picked up some new jewelry last week (cute little gold huggies) and I’ve been having fun being someone who went from being a girl with 2 earrings to a girl with SIX! This is just one of those funny little things that delights me in life right now. 🙂 

By the way, if you’re in Austin, I went to Studs. They have two locations here (SOCO and Domain NORTHSIDE) and I had a phenomenal experience there.

I’d love to hear: how many ear piercings do you have? How did you choose to get them? 

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21 days ago

They look so good!! I’m boring and only have two. What did the helix feel like? I’m a wimp with pain but I love the look of it on you!

Emily H.
Emily H.
21 days ago

8, and I want more. 5 lobe piercings and two helix, and I got my tragus done last month for my birthday. It wasn’t too painful at all.

21 days ago

Just got a second piercing on both lobes! Any tips for sleeping? 😭

20 days ago

So fun! You’re definitely making me want to get a fresh piercing. Love the little sparkle yours have added to your look! I have 3 in my ears, my left lobe is double. I also had my nose and belly button pierced in college, but I eventually let both of those go.

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