10 Books To Help You Rebalance Your Life

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Yesterday morning I woke up all out of sorts. It could be because it was the third night in a row that my 3-month-old decided to sleep poorly, or maybe it was just a hormonal imbalance. Whatever the cause, my thoughts were telling me things like “your life doesn’t have much direction, does it? and “today’s going to be a crappy, exhausting day.” Not the types of thoughts I like to have in the morning. When I’m in a low vibe place and I want to get out of it, one of my tricks is reading high vibe books. (Another trick is gratitude journaling, which you can read about right here.)  But today I’m going to share 10 books to help you rebalance your life.

Coffee on South Congress

I chatted with Kaileen Elise about some of the best books that can help you feel inspired and happy. She’s a certified Intuition Coach and host of the popular podcast Celebrate Cultivate. (I love this podcast about her rituals for reading more.)

Since she’s someone who helps entrepreneurs, mothers, and soul seekers trust their inner wisdom and take aligned action, I knew she would have excellent recommendations on books to help fine balance and ease in your life.

A fun thing that she told me I could offer to you: Kaileen is currently offering a FREE course called 21 Days to Intuition. You’ll learn how to strengthen your intuition in 3 weeks with daily prompts + simple practices.

10 Books To Help You Rebalance Your Life

A few picks from Kaileen: 

1. Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert // One of my all-time favorite books and one that I return to every few years. Elizabeth Gilbert has a unique view on creativity and inspiration that is as playful as it is motivating. Perfect if you’re wanting motivation for your next creative project. | HARDCOVERKINDLE

2. We Should All Be Millionaires by Rachel Rodgers // One of my picks from this year! I listened to the audiobook and the author Rachel Rogers reads it with so much energy. This book gave me a fresh perspective and a next-level desire for more in my business. Highly recommend! | HARDCOVER | KINDLE

3. The Surrender Experiment by Michael Singer // An amazing, uplifting story about surrendering to the universe. I flew through this book and found myself missing it once I was done. This is especially good to pick up when you’re craving a shift in energy. | PAPERBACK | KINDLE

4. Burnout by Amelia Nagoski and Emily Nagoski //I was worried this book was going to be a downer because of the title, but I truly loved it. The authors are sisters who present illuminating information about stress and wellness in a way that is entertaining, empowering, and actionable. | PAPERBACK | KINDLE

5. Spirit Hacking by Shaman Durek // This is a mix of autobiography, personal development, and pure magic. Shaman Durek is provocative and hilarious, and he offers real wisdom on showing up in the world as your authentic self… something we could all do a little bit more. | HARDCOVER | KINDLE

And a few more recommendations from Kelsey:

6. Everything Is Figureoutable by Marie Forleo // My go-to book when I’m feeling stuck, Everything Is Figureoutable has a girlfriend-to-girlfriend cadence that feels casual and comfortable. I love how this book literally wipes away every excuse that I might be thinking and inspires me to take the next step. | HARDCOVER | KINDLE

7. Thrive by Arianna Huffington // Although success is defined in a lot of different ways, at the end of the day we all just want to feel happy, loved, calm, and satisfied. In Thrive, Arianna Huffington redefines success by placing importance on things like giving back, unplugging from our devices, and getting enough sleep. (This is the book that convinced me that I won’t be the person who brags about how little sleep she gets…it is not a badge of honor!) I also noticed that she just released another book on the topic called Your Time To Thrive. I just added it to my kindle! | PAPERBACK | KINDLE

8. Super Attractor by Gabrielle Bernstein // When I’m ready to attract something into my life (more money, a certain home makeover project, a really good female friendship, or anything!) I use the concepts within this book. I’ve been able to do it again; these concepts are simple and powerful! Super Attractor was published in 2019 and I’ve re-read it several times since then. By the way, you’ll want to get a hardcover copy, dog-ear your favorite pages, and start your morning by reading a page that speaks to you while journaling your thoughts. | HARDCOVER | KINDLE

9. You Are A Badass by Jen Sincero // Another oldie but a goodie, You Are A Badass has lived on my shelf for 5 years and changed many things about my life. This is the book that first introduced me to meditation, which has had a profound impact on my ability to bring focus and productivity into my life. When I wake up feeling kind of “bleh” and unmotivated, there are a few chapters within this book that instantly get me going. It’s like Red Bull for the soul. | HARDCOVER | KINDLE

10. Free To Focus by Michael Hyatt // This one totally fits into the “high vibe books” category for me on days when I want to feel calm, in control, and organized. The concepts within it aren’t necessarily quick fixes…they’re more like practices that you can incorporate to overhaul your life and business. This book has helped me to cut out the nonsense tasks that I don’t need to be doing, clear distractions from my life, and actually get shit done. | HARDCOVER | KINDLE

Coffee on South Congress
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