Friday Five (2/24/23)

Good morning! I’m so very excited for this weekend because my sister is coming to town. I feel like I say that all the time…but I happen to have a lot of sisters. 😉 The boys are excited for some auntie time, and I’m excited to get margaritas with my sis and catch up on life. Every time a sister comes to visit me in Austin, I wish I had a sister who lived here in town with me. Maybe one day… Anyway, here are a few little tidbits for your Friday. I hope you have a fantastic weekend.  


It’s Austin FC’s OPENING WEEKEND, baby!!! The first game of season 3 is tomorrow (we’re playing St Louis) and you’d better believe that Nate and I will be there. 

Q2 Stadium invited me in earlier this week to get a sneak preview of some of the new things they’re featuring. You can read all about that here.

Also, remember when tiny baby Milo went to his first ever Austin FC game? Those chubby arms…geez, when are we going to get a time machine invented so I can go back and give that chunky baby a squeeze? 


It’s basically been summer in Austin for the past week, so the boys and I have been living at parks. 

Y’all know me…I get bored at the same place and I have to get out and explore this city as much as possible. We bop around Austin and go to different playgrounds all the time, and we found ourselves at Mueller Lake Park a few days ago. 

Such a pretty park! I was only a little bit sad I hadn’t gotten tickets to also sneak in a trip to The Thinkery (looove that cute museum for kids) considering it’s right across the street from the park. 


I plowed through this book this week. It was simple and fast, but it’s been a while since I’ve read a mystery/thriller type of book, so it was a fun change of pace! 

Honestly, I haven’t loved Sally Hepworth’s novels in the past…they’re a bit too simple and I kind of get bored with them. This was wasn’t incredibly different, but I think the change is that my brain seriously just needs to shut off/relax at the end of the night, and my capacity for reading challenging literature is shrinking as motherhood progresses. Ha. #truth


Kodiak Cake protein muffins…love or hate? I actually made them for the first time ever and I was kind of sad at how chalky/protein-y they tasted. You know, like that protein bar taste? 

Baby D loved them. I’m eating through the batch this week, because they’re not awful, but I had higher hopes based on how much I love their pancake mix. 

My conundrum is this: I loooove baked goods for breakfast, but I also like to feel good and have lots of energy so I make Superhero Muffins when I can. They seriously make me feel amazing…so many veggies packed in there! 

But I don’t often feel like spending the time to make them on the weekends, so a muffin mix felt like a happy medium. Except for the fact that I didn’t really love the taste of these. 


Positive changes in parenthood life! At ages 18 months and 3.5, the boys are turning a corner in tolerating sharing things, like their evening reading time with their dad. 

And it’s so sweet.

There have even been little 15 minute bursts where they’ll play together upstairs without any intervention from me (I’ll watch on my video monitor from downstairs) and they’re laughing and playing and being soooo sweet together. 

They’re not perfect…not even close. There are definitely more times than not of regular toddler screeching and grabbing and normal-ness. But there’s progress, and that’s worth celebrating. 

Ok, I’m off to have an absolutely fabulous weekend in Austin. Can’t even wait!!! I hope your Friday is full of some magic, and I’ll chat with you again on Monday morning. XO. 

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