Getting a Blowout at Haute House Beauty

Hi friends! I’m back from my week in Italy, and I truly had the most magical time. I went with my three sisters to celebrate the final week of all four of us being single ladies (I get married this Saturday – eeks!!). I’ll share more pictures and stories soon! But today I need to share my experience of getting a blowout at Haute House before I left!

The day before I left for Italy, I set up an appointment at Haute House Lash and Beauty Bar to get a blowout. If you’re unfamiliar with these treatments, here’s the idea: you know how nice it is to get your hair cut, because your hair is also washed, blowed dry, and styled? Well, dry bars have started to become so popular because it’s the same idea, minus the hair cut! You can walk in with dirty, greasy hair, and walk out with thick, full, bouncy waves that last for days! (Seriously, they last forever! When I asked why, I was told that the stylists spend extra time to dry it carefully and use the right products to make the curls last longer).

Brianna from Haute House invited me to try a blowout at her studio. I drove to north Austin on a cloudy afternoon to the boutique studio, which is nestled into a group of small bungalow houses near Burnet and 45th street. (I had been in the area recently to take a class at MOD back when I was exploring the barre studios in Austin.) Upon entering, I was greeted by a bright, trendy waiting room and a cheery receptionist who offered me a drink. When I commented on all of the natural lighting, she smiled and agreed, “selfie central!!”

Brianna, with perfectly curled hair, a long maxi skirt, and a cute black crop top, emerged from the back room. She shook my hand and kindly said, “so nice to finally meet you after all of the emailing!” She showed me to her styling booth to talk about what I wanted done to my hair. “I’m a big fan of loose waves,” I told her, after apologizing for how gross my hair was. (I hadn’t washed it on Tuesday or Wednesday because I knew I was getting it done on Thursday…needless to say, it was pretty grimy looking!)

While she was washing my hair while standing a step stool (“they had to buy me my own stool!” she confessed, because her cute little 5-foot frame needed an extra boost) we got to know each other a little.  I learned that she’s fairly new to Austin but already has 4 years of experience as a professional hairstylist. A whirl of activity surrounded us: private rooms with closed curtains where clients were getting their lashes or brows done, a bride getting her hair and makeup trial for her upcoming nuptials, and clients coming and going from the chic waiting room.

Haute House uses Kevin Murphy, a line of hair products from Australia with the tagline “Skincare for Your Hair.” These products focus on providing strength and longevity to hair while sourcing organic ingredients and using packaging that’s good for the environment. Oh, and did I mention that they smell amazing? More than once I said, “I want to wear this hairspray as a perfume!”

So, ready to see the transformation? I was kind of shocked at how much volume she was able to get into my flat hair! Like I said before, I hadn’t washed it in three days, and my hair was looking greasy and limp. And in a quick 60-minute appointment, I emerged from the studio with voluminous, bouncy waves that still felt soft, even though Brianna had used plenty of products in my hair. (Once again, those Kevin Murphy products are incredible! They didn’t make my hair feel sticky or crunchy at all!).

How did it hold up? Well, I slept on my curls that night, and the next day I hopped on a plane to Italy. After 24 hours of traveling, 3 nights of sleeping on my hair, and not touching it with any tools at all (just a little dry shampoo to absorb the oil), here’s the result:

Not bad! I’m officially addicted. I’ll be heading to Haute House to get a blowout before every international trip! It seriously made my first few days of travel so easy! I just threw on a shower cap when I needed to shower. Then, I’d shake out my curls, add a little dry shampoo to volumize it, and head out the door to grab a cappuccino. Easy. Peasy.


I’m still working on unpacking and doing laundry from my trip. Why do I always seem to take so long? I’ve got a short work week because (dun-da-daaaa!!) my wedding is only 6 days away! Oh my goodness. I can’t contain the excitement right now!!!


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7 years ago

oh my gosh. I’m sold!!!

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