New North Austin Restaurant: Provision

Provision is the perfect place to go for date night in North Austin

Y’all are constantly asking me to provide more coverage of the best north Austin restaurants, and so I specifically went to check out Provision yesterday so I could share it with you! It’s a new restaurant that’s still in its soft opening (it’s in the space that used to be Red’s Porch on Braker Lane.)

North Austinites: get excited! I loved my experience there and I know you will, too! They serve “approachable” food, which is a bit vague, so scroll through the photos for an idea. Here are a couple quick facts about the restaurant:

  • Provision is in the space that used to be Red’s Porch. The dusty blue walls, leather accents, and midcentury furniture provide the perfect backdrop for date nights, lunch meetings, or family-style meals that even the kids will enjoy.
  • They have mocktails and low-proof cocktails, which is incredibly unique in this boozy city. I love that they offer these for guests who choose not to consume alcohol! And of course, there are cocktails, craft beer, and wine for those who wish to imbibe on alcoholic drinks.
  • The food is called “approachable favorites,” so things like lollipop wings, short rib ragout, a green salad with a 6-minute egg, and an impressive buttermilk-brined fried chicken thigh sandwich.
  • It’s located at the quarry and the outdoor patio overlooks the water. It was winter when I visited, but this outdoor space will be lovely for happy hour in the warmer months!
  • There aren’t many restaurants in this area of north Austin (except for NXNW and Roaring Fork), which is why I’m very excited to share this with you today. This particular nook of North Austin is primed and ready for a restaurant like Provision.

Provision Austin

Short Rib Ragout at Provision

Provision Austin

Lavender Bees Knees (no-proof): sunup cbd, lavender honey simple, lemon, egg white

The most delicious salad at Provision in Austin!

Provision Greens: pulled chicken, dates, 6-minute egg, charred corn, bacon lardon, goat cheese, avocado & balsamic mustard vinaigrette

Crab Puffs: habanero bacon, scallion, smoked jalapeño aioli

A healthy farro bowl at Provision in Austin

Farro Bowl: crispy brussels sprout, braised beet, 6 minute egg, charred, radicchio, kimchickpeas, yogurt, fennel pollen

Fried chicken thigh sandwich at Provision in Austin

Fried Chicken: buttermilk brined confit chicken thigh, shredded lettuce, tomato, house pickle & hot sauce aioli on brioche

Who else loves mussels? Provision in North Austin is where to get them!

Short Rib Ragout at Provision

Short Rib Ragout: red wine braised, short rib tomato ragout, pecorino, gemilli pasta

New restaurant in North Austin called Provision!


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