New Austin Taco and BBQ Truck: Taco Bronco

Tacos in Austin at Taco Bronco

Yeehaw!! There’s a new taco/bbq fusion truck in Austin! The team behind Micklethwait Craft Meats (I mention them here as an option of 5 great bbq places in Austin to try if you don’t want to stand in line at Franklin) opened up a new food truck called Taco Bronco in East Austin. It’s parked behind Batch Craft Beer & Kolaches, which has a gorgeous outdoor patio with picnic tables. It’s a great dog-friendly, kid-friendly outdoor space to spend a lazy Saturday afternoon. 

Taco and beer in the good life!

Micklethwait has some of the best bbq you can find in Austin, and now you can get it wrapped up in delicious tacos. You know how I’m always talking about Valentina’s Tex Mex BBQ (they’re number 1 in my Best Breakfast Tacos in Austin guide) in South Austin? Well, Taco Bronco is a similar concept: smoked meats wrapped up in tortillas, served with beans and rice. All the yums. The main difference is that Taco Bronco does more chef-y tacos with fancy toppings like cactus and mesquite roasted pecans and sweet pepper relish, while Valentina’s focuses on the basics like homemade tortillas, incredible bbq, and charro beans. 

You need to try this bbq taco food truck in East Austin!

Here’s what to order at Taco Bronco: 

BBQ tacos in Austin!

Amazing BBQ tacos in Austin Texas at Taco Bronco!

^ El Jefe $5: sliced brisket, cactus and potato hash topped with queso. Unbelievably delicious with that queso on top. I can’t believe it’s just $5….look at all that brisket! 

the best sausage tacos in Austin!

Barbacoa tacos in Austin
^ Tacos Pequeño de Barbacoa, $6 for 3: smoked and slow-braised beef cheek with cactus, cilantro, onion, salsa verde and escabeche on mini corn tortillas. These were last on my list of items I’d order again. The meat is fantastic but the tortillas could be much better. If you’re on the fence, I’d order one of the big tacos with a flour tortilla. 

who's tried Taco Bronco food truck in Austin?

Really, really good stuff, y’all! Like I mentioned, it’s similar to Valentina’s, but it’s in a completely different part of town (this is East Austin, Valentina’s is far south) and it’s located in a more family-friendly place to hang out (the backyard of Batch Craft Beer and Kolaches) where you can get some brews from Batch’s brewery. 


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