Friday Five {11/14/23}

It’s the final Friday before Thanksgiving, and I’m SO  excited. 

I mean, next-level excited!! Not only is it my very favorite holiday of the year, but I’m also getting to enjoy it in my new kitchen!! 

1. My Kitchen

Well duh, this is one of the things I’m most excited about. In the past 12 weeks our kitchen has undergone the biggest transformation! 

To say that we’re getting this thing put back together in the 11th hour is an understamtent..haha! My family starts arriving in 3 days and I’m still unpacking kitchen boxes. Then I’ll need to get the pantry re-stocked and start cooking holiday meals. 

But I’m so, so thankful for this gorgeous space. Let’s fill it up with family and friends and good times! 

2. Holiday Movies

Real question here: do you watch new holiday movies every year, or do you stick to the classics? 

I’m a solid mix of both/and. I won’t let a year go by without watching White Christmas and The Holiday, but I also love looking on Netflix or Amazon Prime to see what sorts of cheesy and fun holiday movies are new for the year. 

Last year I loved Lindsay Lohan’s Falling For Christmas. I mean, it was perfectly predictable and everything you’d hope for in a Lindsay Lohan comeback holiday movie. But I loved it. 

A friend also recommended Single All The Way which came out in 2021 and was sooo cute. I think it will be a repeat for me this year! I mean, Michael Urie has been my favorite ever since his Ugly Betty days. 

Btw, this is a new one coming out on December 1 and I’m 100% going to watch it just for Eddie Murphy.

3. Thanksgiving pre-orders

Just an FYI…I shared a bunch of places to pre-order Thanksgiving food from local Austin stores and restaurants on The Austin Things

Check it out if you don’t want to do all your own cooking but you also want really good food! 

Nate and I ordered our turkey, ham, and gravy from Dai Due this year. It’s pre-brined and ready to go, but Nate will still have to cook it. I know it’s going to be delicious!

4. Adidas Blogger!

Ok, this one is so much fun! I’m excited to be a part of the adidas blogger community! For the remainder of 2023 you’ll see some fun clothing, shoes, and accessories from adidas. Yay! 

It’s so funny…as a lifestyle blogger I get approximately 1 million emails per day from brands and PR firms requests and press releases and partnerships, and most of it I just let filter through…but this email from adidas and I glanced down and saw that I was wearing some of my favorite adidas sneakers with those iconic 3-stripes, and I thought, “hmm, meant to be?” 

I have a few adidas items being shipped right now that I’m SO excited to try on, but for now, just wanted to make sure you knew that their Black Friday sale is coming up, and it’s going to be good. (Like, up to 70% off good.) 

Can’t wait to share some of the stuff I got! 

5. A Thanksgiving Throwback

I’ve blogged about lots of Thanksgivings over the years, but here’s one of the first ones Nate and I ever spent together. 

It was 2016 and we were newly engaged. We went up to Ohio to visit some of his old stomping grounds – Columbus, Dayton, and Cincinnati! 

Ok, I’m off to finish getting my kitchen put back together! XO! 

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