Dayton’s Newborn Pictures

I can’t believe I forgot to share Dayton’s newborn pictures with you! My friend Kiera came over to our home to take these photos when Dayton was 8 days old. (You can tell because he’s still in that new baby squishy-faced look, and I’m still in the puffy I-just-gave-birth look.) 

Dayton's Newborn Photo Shoot

I’ve had lots of photos taken in the past 5 years since I started this blog, both for casual restaurant visits/Austin content as well as for sponsored content or professional shoots. Here’s what I’ve learned: the photo shoots where I’m stressed about my hair or wardrobe don’t turn out any better than the photo shoot where I’m not stressed. I’ve had plenty of photo shoots where I’m getting ready in the morning and I’m not feeling 100% great about my look. Maybe I have a breakout on my chin, or my hair is a little frizzy that day, or I’m second guessing my outfit, and I start to feel all stressed out about the outcome of the photos. Well, I’m here to tell you that it’s never ever worth the stress. My future self is always thankful to have the photos, especially sweet family memories like these. 

So if you’re on the fence about having newborn pics taken (or maternity photos), just do it and don’t stress about the outcome. Your future self is going to love that you captured the memories, and professional photos are so much fun to have. 

Here are Dayton’s newborn photos! I scheduled them late in the morning so I wouldn’t be rushed, did an easy blue/white theme, and put a very loose and flowy dress on my puffy postpartum body. (I wore pajamas for Milo’s newborn photos. No stress.) 

Dayton's Newborn Photo Shoot
Dayton's Newborn Photo Shoot
Dayton's Newborn Photo Shoot
Dayton's Newborn Photo Shoot
Dayton's Newborn Photo Shoot
Dayton's Newborn Photo Shoot
Dayton's Newborn Photos
Dayton's Newborn Photo Shoot
Dayton's Newborn Photo Shoot

There you go! Simple and easy and I’ll cherish these forever. I’m so thankful to my friend for snapping these memories for us. 

I’m heading out to Dayton’s 2 month appointment this morning. The first two hazy months have been perfect and full of their own type of magic. They’re just exhausting enough that I wouldn’t want to repeat them, and sweet enough that I want to hang own to the memories forever. 

PS: You can see all of my posts about motherhood by clicking here.

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1 month ago

[…] was simple: my family! I had newborn photos done a few days after each birth with both Milo and Dayton. My beautiful friend Kiera shot all of them for […]

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