The Smartest Baby Monitor I’ve Found: Cubo Ai Review

I recently gave birth to my second baby boy, and I’ve got to tell you: caring for the second baby has been so much easier than caring for my firstborn! It’s not that his temperament is so different… it’s that I, as a mother, am simply a lot calmer. I feel more confident in my mothering abilities, which is SO fun. And since this is our second time around, I already had most of the baby gear that I needed. That meant that I could choose to invest in a few must-have baby items that I didn’t have the first time around. I already had the perfect stroller, bassinet, and tons of baby clothes handed down from my first born. But one thing on my to-buy list? The perfect baby monitor. 

I got the Cubo Ai for Dayton. It’s that adorable bird-shaped monitor that you might have seen on instagram. Seriously, it’s THE cutest. I got it because it’s a monitor that we can use for years and years as he grows into the various functions. (I’ll share more of those below.) Dayton is 2 months old right now and still sleeping in the Snoo in our primary bedroom, so I use this monitor during nap times. As he grows and eventually moves into his big crib in the nursery, the Cubo Ai will move in there with him. 

Cubo Ai Monitor Review

Features I Love:

1. Automatic pictures and videos. Y’all, this baby monitor automatically snaps pictures and videos while Dayton is in his bassinet! I wake up in the morning and have a handful of adorable photos of my baby during the night. It’s fun now while he’s tiny and sleeping, but it’s going to be especially fun when he’s a toddler in his crib. Spying on your toddler in his crib is one of the great joys of parenthood. 😉 The full-length videos are especially great.

2. Temperature alerts. The Cubo Ai has a temperature and humidity monitor and it alerts my phone when the temp is too cold for Dayton. Babies are so tiny and I’m always wondering if Dayton is comfortable. I love that this monitor takes that fear away from me. If it’s too cold for my baby, I’ll get an alert and make an adjustment. 

3. Easy view from above. There’s a floor mount that sets the monitor directly over the crib. I LOVE this because I don’t have to drill a hole in my bedroom wall (like I mentioned – Dayton is in a temporary sleeping space now and he’ll move to his own room in a few months, and I’d hate to ruin the wall.) Once he’s in his crib I can use the floor stand, the crib stand, the mobile stand, or the wall mount. 

4. Cry detection alert (saves the battery on my iPhone!) The Cubo Ai app alerts me if Dayton starts crying. This means that if I’m working while Dayton naps, I don’t need to keep the video open on my iPhone to hear him when he wakes – the app will just give me a little alert once he starts making noise. 

5. Really good night vision. The 1080HD night vision is the best I’ve ever seen on a baby monitor. It’s not grainy at all, has a super wide-angle lens, and allows me to see him clearly, even with the blackout shades closed and the bedroom pitch black. (This feature also creates the sweetest automatic memory snapshots on the app.)

More features I'll love once he's a bit older:

Covered face and rollover detection. Once Dayton is big enough to move from the Snoo to his crib, the roll over safety feature will be amazing. My boys have wearable sleep sacks so I don’t put any blankets or other objects in the crib, so I probably won’t need the covered face feature; if you put a blanket in the crib with your toddler, this would be very helpful. 

Danger zone detection. Ok, this one is so great! You can draw a “danger zone” that the toddler camera will recognize and then alert you when the toddler goes through it. Once Dayton is older, I plan to put the monitor in the living area of our house. So if I accidentally leave the stair gate open, the monitor would let me know that he’s trying to climb the stairs. 

The gist is this: this monitor was created by a pediatrician, AI experts, and real parents. The Cubo Ai looks all cute and instagrammable, but it’s actually a powerful, life-saving machine that can help ease nearly any sleep safety issue that concerns you. 

Parenting is full of “what if?” moments. I can’t count the number of times I’ve freaked out and gotten out of bed to check on the baby, just in case…because I would have so much guilt if something actually was wrong and I didn’t check. When it’s used correctly, the Cubo Ai helps eliminate those freak out moments so I can find more ease and joy in parenting. That’s why I love recommending this monitor to my friends. Use the code SOMUCHLIFE2021 for $10 off a Cubo Ai monitor. And once you have your monitor, join the thousands of other parents at the Cubo Ai Community here

This post is sponsored by Cubo Ai. I hope you love this amazing product as much as I do! 

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Rachel Emma
2 years ago

Ooo I will have to get one for my cousin who just had a baby!

2 years ago

Dayton is the cutest!! This sounds like a great monitor too!

2 years ago

1000% will be saving this for my future kiddos!!

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