CapTex Tri 2023 Training: Week 4 Recap

Umm, time is seriously flying. We’re officially 1/4 of the way through 16 weeks of training!! What? I’m still trucking along.

Triathlon Training Week 4 Recap

^Hot mess express (literally dripping in sweat) but I wanted to share a little action shot! Nate snapped this on a Saturday morning ride while he was on the way to get Dayton up around 7:30 am.

I’m still doing 5 workouts a week (plus an extra day of yoga/stretching, if I feel like my body needs it…it often does.) Here’s what I did last week: 

3X Peloton rides: I’m still working my way through the Peak Your Power Zones program (SOOO GOOD!!!), so I’m doing some long-ish rides each week. 

(I mean, long for me.) 

I’m feeling better and better on the bike! I’m excited to get out on the road pretty soon and see how it feels to ride “in real life.” 

2X outdoor runs: again, feeling better and better on this! I’m still doing short-ish runs, like 2.5-3 miles, but I’m working on mixing up the type of run I’m doing. 

Like some interval work, focusing on my cadence and posture, and overall just having more intention behind my running. 

In the past, I’ve often just gone out on a run and told myself “finish 4 miles and that’s the goal.” But I know there’s a lot to be gained from doing an actual running workout, with intervals and speed work, rather than just running the same pace/route/distance every single time. 

A 30 minute yoga class: y’all, running is hitting me a lot differently in my thirties than it did in my twenties. Yoga to the rescue! 

Something I loved from week 4

So, I’m doing this 8-week Peloton program, and week 4 was a taper week.

We did 3 weeks of build, and 1 week of taper. Then we’ll repeat that for the next 4 weeks. 

So this past week was an easier workout week, especially compared to week 3. But when I looked at the workouts I was doing in this taper week, they were similar to week 1’s workouts…but I felt SOOO much stronger! 


It is seriously so, so much fun to feel the progress happening in my heart and lungs and muscles. These little bits of progress are so  tiny and impossibly hard to see from day-to-day, so whenever I notice something that tells me I’m getting stronger, I latch on to it. 

Something I hated from week 4

I’m officially 25% of the way through my 16 weeks of training…and I’ve yet to jump in a pool. 

Again, I think it’s just linked to the tens of thousands of hours I’ve spent swimming back and forth in competition pools in my life. I’m just. not. excited. 

But I need to figure out a way to get myself excited about it, because there’s a 1.5 k swim at the start of this triathlon. 

And I just don’t think I can rely on the fumes from my swimming career that ended more than a decade ago. 😉 

When I write the next triathlon training recap, I will be able to tell you that I’ve started my swim workouts! 

I hope you’re having a wonderful day!

If you want to follow along with this training extravaganza 😉 you can read my WEEK 1 TRAINING RECAP right here!

And if you want to read my CapTex recap from last year (the spring triathlon), it’s here. 

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