HigherDose Face Mask Review: Is Red Light Therapy Worth It?

Higher Dose Red Light Therapy Mask Review

Eeeks! I’m so excited to be writing this HigherDose red light face mask review today! I’ve been using this red light therapy mask for 2+ months now (very consistently, I might add) and I’m seeing massive changes in my complexion. It’s kind of crazy how glowy and golden my skin looks after using it. I can literally notice the skin cells in my face getting healthier, and the appearance is starting to look way better.

Higher Dose Red Light Therapy Mask Review

These masks are super popular right now (celebrities are wearing them all the time) and they’re definitely not cheap.

Honestly, I wish they were a bit more accessible…I truly think that every single person should be able to have access to one of these crazy-looking face masks.

But…since, as of now, they are quite the investment, it’s definitely smart to take your time and read a few thorough red light therapy mask reviews before taking the plunge and purchasing one.

HigherDose Face Mask Review

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If you do purchase one, please be sure to save 15% with my discount code “SOMUCHLIFE”! Higher Dose is incredibly kind and gave me this discount to share with anyone who wants it. Take advantage of it for sure! 

What's a red light therapy mask?

It’s a silicone mask that has 62 LED bulbs that emit low-level red light. You wear it for 10 or 20 minutes and it helps improve your skin’s texture, reduces acne and fine lines, boosts your mood, and gives you naturally glowing skin. 

Higher Dose Red Light Therapy Mask Review

Coming straight from Higher Dose’s website, “red light therapy is a process where light emitting diodes (LED lights) are used to deliver red (630 nm) and near infrared light (830 nm) on your face or any other body parts.” You essentially get wavelengths of light that are similar to sunlight, but red light doesn’t have any harmful effects like UV rays or heat. 

Red light therapy goes deeper into the skin cells. So while topical treatments are really great, they don’t go as deep as these red lights go. They literally go into the skin cells and transform your skin from the inside out. 

What does red light therapy do?

Ok, first off..I’m not a scientist. Duh. But I can tell you, scientifically, what research studies say that it does. And then I’m going to tell you my first-hand experience. After all, the proof is in the pudding! If I don’t see actual results, it’s not worth it to me! 

Red light therapy exposes your skin to a near-infrared energy. That energy goes into the cell’s mitochondria (the POWERHOUSE of the cell), and those mitochondria soak up the energy from the red light and create even more energy to boost collagen production. The cells are able to turn over and heal more quickly.

HigherDose Face Mask Review

So, some people use red light therapy as a way to heal muscles and tissues from injuries. But, if you’re like me and you have some skin damage (from the sun, from multiple pregnancies, and just from a few decades of life), the red light can help the cells on your face repair and regenerate. Cool, right?

My First-hand Experience Of Using The Red Light Therapy Mask

In my early 30s, I noticed that my skin needed some help. I’m a mom to two beautiful boys, and while I’m so very thankful for them, those two back-to-back pregnancies (I was basically pregnant or breastfeeding nonstop from ages 29-32) really did a number on my skin. 

My skin was just looking really dull, gray, and lifeless. And the dark spots that came up during pregnancy weren’t my favorite. Some of them faded, and my regular chemical peels that I get as a part of my acne treatment (I’ve been doing those for nearly 10 years!) helped a bit. But I wanted something extra. 

So, in addition to using my favorite skin care products like a really good, potent vitamin C serum, daily sunscreen, and retinol, I added in this HigherDose face mask

I made it my goal to wear it every single day for a month. They recommend using it a few times a week, but I researched and there’s nothing saying you can’t do it more! So I wore it for 10-20 minutes every single day for a month, and then continued wearing it 3-4X/week the following month. 

Y’ALL! The results are crazy.

Higher Dose Red Light Therapy Mask Review

^ Here’s a totally untouched, unedited, unfiltered, makeup-less picture of my skin. This was after 1 month of using the mask literally every single day. Again, I wasn’t born with awesome skin, and it shows age spots really easily. This picture is a really GREAT higher dose face mask review right here! 

First off, I can instantly see a little glow to my skin when I’m finished using it every time. It’s very fun to get instant gratification from just 20 minutes of use! 

But over time is when I’ve really noticed the changes. Like when I was doing my makeup in the morning, and it had been 4 weeks of consistent wearing the Higher Does face mask, and I’m like, “oh, I need a little less concealer than I did a few weeks ago!” 

Very fun.

Does the HigherDose face mask make your skin look better?

For me? Yes. I’ve literally noticed a difference. I mean, I use topical products every day, but my skin has been exposed to plenty of harmful UV rays. It needs some help. 

I’m literally noticing changes in my skin, and I’m 100% going to keep using this mask and watch how it continues to improve the texture and color of my skin. 

If it doesn’t automatically enter the code, just enter SOMUCHLIFE when you check out and they’ll knock of 15% of the cost + tax! 

The Higher Dose face mask FEELS really good to use!

It’s a mood booster. Did anyone else make the mistake of using tanning beds back in college? (Sigh…guilty.) I had a few years of using them off and on. In my defense, I went to school in the midwest and I had seasonal depression, and my body was just begging me for some warmth and UV rays. That’s what you get when you take a girl out of Texas and put her in an Illinois winter for 4 straight years. 

Anyway, those tanning beds were horrible to my skin in the long term, but I do remember just feeling SOOO happy when I was laying in them for 5 minutes. The vitamin D is real, y’all! 

The Higher Dose face mask feels the exact same as that high! In fact, Higher Dose calls it “getting high naturally.” Haha! It really does feel like that. It’s like an insane mood boost where my vibrational energy gets super high. It’s so relaxing to bask in the glow of that LED mask. The infrared heat is just a little bit warming, and since it has a cordless design (it comes with a battery pack so you can use it pretty easily anywhere), it’s so much more than just a skincare ritual.

Higher Dose Red Light Therapy Mask Review

If you’re into the law of attraction and manifestation, here’s where I really feel like there’s a secret added bonus to red light therapy: I wear my red light face mask while I’m doing a 20 minute manifestation meditation. I focus on the thing that I’m calling into my existence, and I feel the energy of already having that thing, all while wearing the mood-boosting mask. I get myself into this super high vibe state, and the mask helps a ton! 

It’s one of my very favorite aligning practices ever.

How to clean the HigherDose face mask

Things I Don’t Love About This Mask

It’s an amazing mask for sure, but of course, there are a few things that could be improved: 

(1) It’s one-size-fits-all, and we all know that all faces aren’t the same size. For me, it fits nicely when I’m standing or sitting upright. When I use it when I’m lying down (like if I want to use it for 20 minutes in bed before I fall asleep at night), it’s a bit too big for my face. This just means that the opening for my mouth is a little bit too low (near my bottom lip/chin.) It doesn’t affect air flow or anything, so it’s not a big deal to me. 

(2) The eye goggles they include with it aren’t comfortable. I wore them once and threw them away. The nose bridge of the goggles clashes with the nose bridge of the red light mask, and it hurts. I typically just use it without any eye goggles (most of the research I’ve done says it’s totally fine to do this), and I keep my eyes closed during the 20 minutes while I’m doing meditation. 

(3) They market the mask as something you can wear while you’re walking around, doing yoga, etc, but it’s really hard to do that in my experience. It’s supposed to be something that fits into your skincare routine as a part of an active lifestyle, and I just didn’t find that to be true. In my opinion, the light is way too bright for you keep your eyes open and get stuff done! I tried wearing the mask one morning while I was making coffee and unloading the dishwasher, and it was so hard to see my kitchen because the mask’s light was really bright. I’ve just found it’s better to use those 10 or 20 minutes of therapy time as “me time” to rest, relax, and meditate. 

(4) It’s a little bit weird that they call it a “cordless design” when there actually is a cord. However, instead of having to plug it into the wall, you can plug it into the battery back, which is included. It has two automatic timers (10 minutes or 20 minutes) and then it shuts off. So yeah, you can walk around the house with it if you use the battery pack, but it’s not “cordless.”

HigherDose Face Mask Review

Is the HigherDose face mask comfortable?

Higher Dose Red Light Therapy Mask Review

Yeah, I think so! It’s made from the highest quality silicone on the inside, so it doesn’t irritate the skin at all. The head straps are adjustable, and there’s an extra head strap that goes over the top of the head to keep it from sliding around. I wear it for 20-25 minutes and find it very comfortable. 

It’s a fairly functional design, as far as facial masks go. The top strap makes it really sturdy (it really is an innovative design and I love it!) so I don’t have to worry about it sliding around. And the medical-grade silicone is super comfortable and very easy to clean.

That being said, this mask is made to be one-size-fits-all. I mean, if it was custom-designed just for me, I’d want the eye holes and the mouth hole to be a little bit closer together. But it definitely works well.

Red Light Therapy Mask

Is The Higherdose face mask worth the price?

Here’s my HigherDose face mask review: I honestly think it’s one of the best beauty investments you can make for the price. I’d love to get to the dermatologist and do some high-level laser treatments sometime soon, but those cost thousands of dollars. This face mask is much, much less than that.

Just using this thing 3-5 times each week (or part of my daily routine when I’m on my A-game!) is seriously giving me crazy good results. This lovely little LED face mask is definitely an investment, but it’s an effective treatment to reduce inflammation, get a natural glow, reduce wrinkles and the appearance of fine lines, and repair skin tissue, all in a safe way. 

I mean, there are endless reasons I think this is worth it, beyond just the normal skin concerns. The rejuvenating benefits are INSANE. It gives me the feeling of pouring natural sunlight on my face, but it’s helping my skin instead of hurting it. It’s a non-invasive treatment that improves my skin texture, sure, but I truly love this thing for the happy feeling I get when I wear it. 

For optimal results, they recommend wearing it a few times a week. Me? I wanted to wear it daily! It’s a pretty effortless addition into my life (I already meditate, so why not just wear this mask while I do it?) and I love how it’s helping me meet my short-term skin goals. And that unmatched natural glow? Priceless.

If it doesn’t automatically enter the code, just enter SOMUCHLIFE when you check out and they’ll knock of 15% of the cost + tax!

Thank you sooo so much, HigherDose, for giving the So Much Life readers this special discount! Y’all are the best.

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