Friday Five (3/3/23)

Woohoo, Friday! How was your week? I have to say, I am SOOO in the spring mood these days. It’s warming up and it’s going to be a beautiful, sunny weekend in Austin. I’m currently spending as much time outside as possible with my boys! Here are a few little things from my week:  


Did you see this new restaurant in Austin? (On my guide to new Austin restaurants here!)

Oooh, she’s a pretty one. 


A tv show recommendation, for those of you who like dark comedies: 

Bad Sisters on Apple TV was sooo good! Nate and I binged the whole thing in week. (Which is very fast for us, haha.) 

I wasn’t that interested in the trailer, so I ignored this show for months. But Nate and I need someone to watch, so we started it on a whim and instantly got sucked in! The plot line is intriguing, and the cast is so good. There’s something about Sharon Horgan that just makes me laugh – I love everything she’s in. 

Anyway, if you’re looking for a new show to start, this one is 10 episodes and it’s great!


A tomato and corn bake topped with scallion biscuits…can you tell I’m in a warm weather mood? Summer can go ahead and get here already! 

It’s from this cookbook, which I’ve mentioned no less than 5 times on this blog. I just love a good old-school recipe blogger, and Deb’s cookbooks are my favorites!


FRIENDS! I’m soooo excited for Fiesta this year! 

I’ve lived in Texas nearly my entire life and I’ve never experience Fiesta, and I decided that this is the year. 

This epic party is next month, and here are all the details you need to know about it. 

Who wants to go with me? 😉 


These days are the sweetest. I have a newfound appreciation for taking thing slow. I mean, I don’t think I’ll ever have the personality of someone who truly loves taking things slow…but I am definitely learning how to sit still and just be

These babies! Y’all, they’ve changed my life. I actually can’t believe how fast the baby years are slipping by. I intent on spending my entire weekend with my boys and soaking up the minutes. 

Cheers to a slow weekend with the ones you love. Talk to you on Monday! XO. 

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