What’s The Weather Like In Austin? Here’s A Month-By-Month Guide

What's the weather like in Austin Texas? Here's a month-by-month guide!

What’s the weather like in Austin, Texas? If you’re planning a trip here, or hoping to schedule a bachelorette party, wedding, or other event in Austin, you probably want to know the best times to visit! I’ve been living life and experiencing the weather in Austin for years, so I’m going to give you a month-by-month guide of the (general) weather patterns.

Keep reading to see the 2 VERY BEST months to visit Austin! If you want the ultimate Austin travel experience, there are definitely two times of year that are the ideal months for you to book your trip.

What's the weather like in Austin Texas? Here's a month-by-month guide!

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What’s the weather like in Austin?

Here’s what you can expect to find in this post:

Part 1: General weather patterns in Austin

Part 2: A month-by-month guide to Austin’s weather

Part 3: My recommendation for the best times to visit Austin

Part 1: General Weather Patterns in Austin

The summers are long and hot, and the winters are short, cold, and windy. We have partly-cloudy days year-round, and the temps rarely get below freezing or above 103….but watch out! There are occasional winter days when temps be in the 20s and some scorching summer days when they’ll hit 107.

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If you want summer weather in Austin, plan on visiting between late May – September. January and February are the coldest months of the year, and May is the rainiest.

A month-by month guide to Austin’s weather

January // Average high/low: 62/42. January is the coldest month of the year in Austin, and on the rare occasions when we get snow or ice in Austin, it’s typically in January.

February // Average high/low: 65/45. Still pretty chilly in February, but sometimes we’ll be surprised with a random 70 degree day. Aaaaand sometimes we get a rare snow storm that will cover the ground with 1/4 inch of snow before it all melts in an hour. 😉

What's the weather like in Austin Texas? Here's a month-by-month guide!

March // Average high/low: 72/51. March is when Austin really starts playing outside! The coldest days are over, and March in Austin is (mostly) lovely! I chose the end of March for my wedding date in 2017 because I knew it had a low chance of rainfall and a good chance of moderate temps. Beware: there are still some occasional chilly days in March, but this is overall a great month to visit Austin.

April // Average high/low: 80/59. April is a lovely month to be in Austin, Texas. In general, it’s comfortable enough to wear shorts/tees/sundresses in the hottest part of the day, although evenings can still get a little brisk. (And I mean “brisk” by Austin standards, so about 65-ish degrees…)

What's the weather like in Austin Texas? Here's a month-by-month guide!

May // Average high/low: 87/67. Rainy month! I purposely avoided this month when planning my wedding because it’s when we tend to experience the heaviest rainfall. However, on the May days when the sun is shining, the temps are some of the best of the year! It’s just before the hot summer days begin.

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June // Average high/low: 92/72. If you want to experience “summer” in Austin before the sweltering temps set in, June is your month! The sun sets really late in the evening, the rainfall decreases as the month goes on, and it’s warm enough to swim in Barton Springs.

July // Average high/low: 96/74. Ok, here come the pits of summer… July is HOT, but it’s just the beginning. I love the hot weather (I mean, I chose to live here, after all!) but if you don’t love triple digit temps, best to avoid Austin for the next several months..

What's the weather like in Austin Texas? Here's a month-by-month guide!

August // Average high/low: 97/75. Still hot. Very little rain. Hot hot hot.

September // Average high/low: 91/69. Uh…. still hot. Even though school has started, September is still considered “summer” in Austin Texas. If you’re hoping for a cool, outdoor wedding, don’t plan it in September!

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October // Average high/low: 82/61. Still hot! (Do I sound like a broken record?) Here’s the thing about October weather in Austin: I learned to take away any expectation that it will feel like autumn, even though the first day of Autumn is in September. I’ve been to many outdoor weddings in Austin in October when my makeup melts of my face and my dress sticks to my back…so hot! It can cool down after the sun sets, but I’ve just learned to adjust my expectations for this month. If we get a cool day, I’m pleasantly surprised!

What's the weather like in Austin Texas? Here's a month-by-month guide!

November // Average high/low: 71/51. Ahhh…finally. Summer is over, and November feels like autumn. November is a weird month where it will sometimes be close to 90 and I’m outdoors at the pool, and it will sometimes dip into the 40s and I’m curled up inside next to the fireplace.

December // Average high/low: 63/42. Christmas in Austin is anyone’s guess! Will it be snowing or will we be in shorts? I’ve learned to expect cold weather in Jan/Feb, but December is still a little questionable. The fun part about that? It can still great month to go hiking, biking, and kayaking in Austin!

The Best Months To Visit Austin

This is my personal opinion, but I have 3 months that are my very favorite times to call this city my home:

APRIL: It’s almost always around 70-80 during the day, the May rainstorms haven’t kicked in, and all the bluebonnets are in bloom! I loooove spring in Austin!

What's the weather like in Austin Texas? Here's a month-by-month guide!

The second half of JUNE: It’s a warm summer month, but it’s not unbearable. June in Austin is one of my all-time favorite months to enjoy outdoor dining, bar-hopping on Rainey Street, summer hikes, and outdoor concerts.

Late OCTOBER: Remember, it’s still hot! This certainly doesn’t feel like autumn, but the extreme temps of July – September have cooled off and there’s a little bit a room to breathe. Plus, this is when Austin City Limits music festival happens, which is one of the BEST times to visit Austin!

What's the weather like in Austin Texas? Here's a month-by-month guide!

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