Tuesday Takeout (4/14/20)

chi'lantro to go

chi'lantro to go

Here are a bunch of Austin restaurants I’ve enjoyed lately with carry out/delivery. I miss going to restaurants, but I’m so thankful to be able to order the food, support the restaurants, and enjoy all of these delicious eats at home! If you’re looking for more ideas of where to eat in Austin, go to be my instagram profile and click on the story highlights. I have lots of suggestions of place to eat that offer curbside pickup or delivery right now. 

Here are takeout and delivery ideas in Austin: 

Bougie’s Donuts

Bougie's Donuts

Bougie’s Donuts has a safe and easy pickup process. Order donuts online the day before, and then drive up to the pickup location and they’ll drop them off in your car. I ordered 1/2 dozen of the mixed variety, which was fun because they chose the 6 donuts that I got, and I was able to try a few that I typically don’t order. Oh Bougie’s, I love you so much. |WEBSITECurbside pickup available.

Duchman Family Winery

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If you need a family meal and you want an excuse to take a pretty scenic drive, head to Driftwood, TX (about 30 min south of Austin) to Duchman Family Winery for their family meal. You can mix and match your dinner options to pick an salad, entree, side, and bread, plus some fun add-ons like dessert and bottles of wine. 

We went with the whole chicken, rosemary focaccia bread, and theee yummiest carrots with honey pistachio butter. And I don’t say this lightly: the honey pistachio butter was one of the most delicious things I’ve eaten all year. I was literally sneaking spoonfuls of it when Nate’s back was turned!

I loved getting into the car, turning on some music, and enjoying the drive down to Driftwood to pick up this meal. Driving is one of those things that I didn’t realize I’d miss so much, but now that I have nowhere to go, it’s a treat to get in my car and enjoy a bit of quiet! (Milo is always calm and quiet in the car…he’s either sleeping or just looking around back there.)

Anyhow, this meal fed Nate and I two meals each, so it would easily feed a family of four. |WEBSITECurbside pickup available.

Frankline Barbecue

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We all know that the line at Franklin Barbecue is insane, which is why I’m SO excited to share this one with y’all! You can order ahead, drive up to Franklin Barbecue, and have someone drop off the food in your trunk in about 10 minutes. CRAZY. Friends, if you’ve wanted to try Franklin Barbecue but you don’t want to wait in line, now is your chance! 

You have to order a minimum of 3 pounds of meat, which is 6 servings. We went ahead and ordered 4 pounds of meat, ate some of it for Nate’s birthday picnic, and then saved the rest for leftovers and recipes throughout the week. |WEBSITECurbside pickup available. 


chi'lantro to go

Quarantine life is hard, and Nate and I had a moment last week when we both woke up and said, “nope, can’t cook today.” So I hopped onto Chi’liantro’s website, ordered a salad for me and a bowl for Nate, and it was ready to pick up at 6 pm. So easy. And they also have family meals available! |WEBSITEDelivery and pickup available. 

Kellie’s Baking Co. 

Kellie's baking Co. in Austin

Y’all, I can’t even with these cookies. They’re so good, they should honestly be limited to orders of ONE because I just keep eating and eating them! (I got an order of 14 last week….)

Kellie’s is a little bakeshop in north Austin, and they have all sorts of sweets like stuffed cookies (get the stuffed snickers cookie!), edible cookie dough, and brookies, which are big gooey chocolate brownies stuffed inside chocolate chip cookies. They offer curbside pickup as well as delivery all over the country. LOVE these! |WEBSITECurbside pickup and delivery available. 

Dolce Neve Gelato

Dolce Neve Gelato

I made a pie for Nate’s birthday, and I wanted some really good vanilla ice cream to go with it. So I went to Dolce Neve’s website and ordered a pint of their incredible Madagascar Vanilla gelato. The order was ready to pick up in about 30 minutes, and they had the option of bringing it straight to the car so that I didn’t have to go inside. |WEBSITECurbside pickup available.

Ok, that’s where I’ve been eating lately! I hope that gave you some inspiration of Austin restaurants to try. Don’t forget to post what you’re eating on instagram, tag me, and tag the restaurant. Austin restaurants are so thankful for the support right now, and showing a little extra love on social media is a small way that we can all help them. XO. 




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