10 Special Occasion Restaurants In Austin With Delivery/Takeout

10 Special Occasion Restaurants In Austin With Delivery/Takeout

Do you have a special occasion to celebrate…and nowhere to go? Here are 10 special occasion restaurants in Austin that offer delivery or takeout! Because social-distancing or not, birthday and anniversaries are still happening, and we all need our fancy food in order to celebrate. 

I’m including 10 fancy restaurants in Austin to consider, but if you want more options, go to my instagram page and check out my story highlights. I have lots of other ideas there listed by category (lunch, dinner, booze, bbq, tex-mex, etc). 

10 special occasion restaurants in Austin with pickup_delivery

10 Special Occasion Restaurants in Austin with Delivery/Takeout

1. Hestia. Their Date Night meal ($160 and bread with whipped butter, a salad, two sides, a meat entree, and two desserts) is what Nate and I chose for our 3-year wedding anniversary celebration. They also have an impressive list of wine that you can add on to your order. Plus, they have free delivery in downtown Austin and $5 delivery in central Austin. |WEBSITECurbside pickup and delivery available 

Tips to have a date night at home

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2. Lenoir. One of my favorite date night spots in South Austin (oooh, that darling little wine garden…can’t wait until it’s open again!) has a date night option, which you can order online and then do a curbside pickup. |WEBSITECurbside pickup available

3. Jeffrey’s. If you want to really go BIG on your fancy date night at home, order caviar and steaks from Austin’s original fine dining restaurant. Truffled deviled eggs, bone-in ribeye steaks, Yukon golds and seared mushrooms and steak fries…you can basically bring the fancy steakhouse experience to your home! Plus they have martini kits that make 5 drinks. Cheers! |WEBSITECurbside pickup and delivery available 

4. Sway Thai. Get food and booze to go from Sway’s elevated Thai menu. The menu is reduced, but they still have all the good stuff like the Son In Law, Blue Crab Fried Rice, and their remarkable Pad Thai. Plus, all the booze is 1/2 off, so add a bottle of sake to your order. |WEBSITECurbside pickup available

Thai Brunch in Austin at Sway

5. Contigo. This ranch style restaurant in East Austin now offers curbside pickup with family meals. While a family meal isn’t typically what you’d think of for a date night, here’s why it’s a good idea: order a family meal for 4, like pork rib roast or chicken and dumplings, plate half of it for date night, and then enjoy the rest as leftovers. Win! |WEBSITECurbside pickup available

6. Mattie’s. The restaurant is SO gorgeous, so promise me you’ll go back when it’s open again! But for now, they have delivery available through DoorDash. Start with the beet salad, move to their famous buttermilk fried chicken and grilled pork ribs, and sip on a Pavillion Margaritas or spiked Back Porch Tea, available to order in the form of a cocktail kit. Don’t forget cupcakes for dessert! |WEBSITECurbside pickup and delivery available.  

10 Special Occasion Restaurants In Austin With Delivery/Takeout

7. Lin Asian Bar. If you’re on the hunt for special occasion restaurant in Austin with takeout or delivery, Lin Asian Bar needs to be at the top of your list! They’re offering their most popular dim sum items like beef potstickers and chicken Sui Mai. Then, celebrate your special occasion with the Salt and Pepper Double Lobster Tail or Sautéed Angus Beef with Foie Gras. Don’t forget to order a bottle of wine and dessert! |WEBSITECurbside pickup and delivery available. 

8. Jacoby’s. If you enjoy interactive date nights, this one will be fun for you: Jacoby’s has fajita kits and margarita kits. It’s way simpler than cooking (just heat and eat, or mix and drink), and you know you can’t screw it up because Jacoby’s already prepared everything for you. 😉 They also have pre-made items like Bibb salad, Frito pie, and their AMAZING cheeseburger and fries (on my list of best burgers in Austin.) Oh, and please get one of those Grandma Hagler’s strawberry cupcakes! |WEBSITECurbside pickup available. 

10 Special Occasion Restaurants In Austin With Delivery/Takeout

9. Intero. This fabulous family-owned Italian restaurant in East Austin has an impressive takeout/delivery menu. Impress your date with ricotta on homemade sourdough, wagyu beef confit risotto, and an assortment of chocolate truffles for dessert. |WEBSITE| Curbside pickup available 

10. Duchman Family Winery. We started doing Friday night date nights at home, and Duchman Family Winery’s family meal is what we chose last weekend. It’s a lot of food for two (we ate 1/2 of it for date night, and then 1/2 of it the next day for leftovers) and it’s all delicious. Pick your entree, salad, and side, and then add on a bottle of wine. The winery is out in Driftwood; which makes a scenic 30 minute drive from Austin. Psst: get the carrots with the honey pistachio butter. Heavenly! |WEBSITECurbside pickup available.  

10 Special Occasion Restaurants In Austin With Delivery/Takeout

Pst: want to do your own research? Here are my favorite date night spots in Austin. Just note that some of them will be closed. 

Pssssst: a few other options would be Fixe, Emmer & Rye, Rosewood, and June’s.

10 special occasion restaurants in Austin with pickup_delivery


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