Tuesday Takeout (4/18/20): A Weird Week

Easy Tiger Pretzel

Hi all! Happy Tuesday to you.

I like to share Austin restaurant inspo for you on Tuesdays, so here are a bunch of things I’ve been enjoying lately! (Remember that you can always look in the highlights on my instagram profile for more ideas. I have a bunch of story highlights full of Austin restaurants that are offering food to-go.) 

This has been a weird week because of Nate’s car accident (I mentioned it on instagram, so I’ll assume you already know about it, but he was in a crash last Thursday and has been in the hospital since then, undergoing several surgeries.) For the past month, we’ve been sharing takeout meals while sheltering-in-place, but since he’s not home right now, and I’ve been delivering food to him at the hospital and then eating with family at home, meals have looked different. And since I’ve had family members helping out at home for the past few days, I’ve been enjoying lots of home-cooked meals from my mom and sisters. 

BUT, I’ll share a combination of restaurant meals I’ve brought to the hospital for my hubs and meals I’ve enjoyed at home:

Torchy's Tacos Family Pack

Torchy’s Family Pack. Y’ALL. This is such a good deal! Torchy’s family packs start at 25 bucks, and they include a lot of food. We ordered some fajitas with green chile pork, plus queso on the side. It comes with lots of tortillas and meat, beans and rice, and fixings like cilantro, onions, and cheese. I wanted to order margaritas, too, but our local Torchy’s doesn’t offer them. (Many locations do, though!) |WEBSITE|

Chi'lantro burger

Chi’lantro. Yep, I ordered from Chi’lantro again because it’s so fast and easy! The night of Nate’s car accident was a tough one, and I wanted some comfort food. So I ordered kimchi fries and a burger from Chi’lantro’s easy online system, and it was delivered to my car about 30 minutes later. I’m so thankful for this restaurant and how they’ve adapted to a contactless curbside pickup system. |WEBSITE|

Tiff's Treats delivery

Tiff’s Treats. Some girlfriends of mine had a big order of cookies and brownies sent to me from Tiff’s Treats, and I started crying when they showed up at the door. I just felt so loved and understood and cared for in that moment. I think it’s amazing what warm cookies are able to communicate. |WEBSITE|

Easy Tiger Pretzel

Easy Tiger. Another sweet delivery from a girlfriend! Shveta sent a gift pack from Easy Tiger that had a bunch of goodies in it: pretzels, beer cheese, mustard, whipped butter, a fresh baguette…I mean. Carbs = love. |WEBSITE|

Soup Peddler smoothie

Soup Peddler. Another company that has made contactless curbside pickup SO easy! I’ve delivered two smoothies to Nate at the hospital. The Green Monster is full of broccoli and peanut butter and it is seriously SO tasty (almost like a PB milkshake), and the Old Faithful is made with fruit and yogurt and it was gentle on his stomach when he was coming out of his first surgery. |WEBSITE|

Polvo’s. Since one of Nate’s arms is bandaged up, he needs foods that can be easily eaten with one hand while lying in a hospital bed, so I ordered him a chicken quesadilla from Polvo’s. It’s from the appetizer section of the menu, but it’s pretty big and tasty and has protein in it, so it made a decent meal. They offer delivery now! I placed an order, and about 30 minutes later I got a phone call that the food had been dropped off at my front door. I wrapped it up in foil to keep it warm and drove it to the hospital entrance. |WEBSITE|

Thai Fresh Pad Thai

Thai Fresh. A friend of mine volunteered to deliver a meal to Nate, and she sent him Pad See Ew from Thai Fresh. Typically, when Nate and I eat at Thai Fresh, one of us will order Pad See Ew and the other will order Pad Thai, and we go halvsies on each one. I’m really happy to be married to someone who lets me share food with him, because I’d much rather have a few bites of lots of different things rather than one big entree. By the way, Thai Fresh delivers! |WEBSITE|

There’s a little snippet of what we’ve been eating around here! It’s so easy to find good food-to-go options in Austin. Nearly every restaurant I’ve tried has been perfectly safe in regards to virus protocol, and really easy with the ordering process. I mean…having Nate in the hospital all week is awful, but I’m really thankful that it’s been so easy to get him lots of his favorite foods while we’re apart.



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