Thanksgiving 2017

Happy Monday! Is anyone else still full from the weekend of eating? Ha!

Nate and I drove up to Dallas to my parent’s house. We celebrated Thanksgiving with my side of the family, and we’ll spend Christmas with his side. My parents have lived in Dallas for many decades (it’s where I grew up), but they built a new house just a few years ago to accommodate the ever-growing family. There were 11 of us there, and I can speak for the family when I say that everyone enjoyed having a real mattress after years off sleeping on couches and air mattresses at the old house! #bigfamilyproblems

Now, I have to be honest with you: I took almost no pictures. Most of these I had to steal from family members! This Thanksgiving, I was hard core relaxingTo me, this means:

  • Staying in my robe/pj’s for most of the day. (I just bought this UGG robe, and it is SO soft! I never wanted to take it off!)
  • Lots of puzzles! Haha! I’m normally not a jigsaw-puzzle type of person (uh, hi, I’m not 72-years-old yet…), but during Thanksgiving, GIVE ME ALL THE PUZZLES! We finished two separate 1,000-piece puzzles.
  • A hot drink in my hand at all times. My day always starts with a cup of coffee, then I moved on to tea until it was time to open a bottle of wine in the evening. Wake up the next day, and…..repeat!
  • No makeup…. For 90% of the time I was in Dallas, I wore not an ounce of makeup. (I put a little bit on when we took some family pictures.) However, I just got eyelash extensions for the first time, so I think it wasn’t as noticeable that I wasn’t wearing makeup. I’m excited to share more about my eyelash extensions this week!

This is a pretty typical scene during Thanksgiving in my parent’s house: a couple of sisters, cozied up in pj’s and hoodies and robes and slippers, sipping coffee and working on a jigsaw while Friends is played in the background.

I somehow (miraculously) ended up with the kitchen to myself for a couple hours on Wednesday morning, so I made both of my pies then. I made Joy the Baker’s apple pie and the Cranberry Butter Oat Tart Pie from  Seven Spoons.

I drove up to Dallas on Tuesday, but Nate had to work (that dang honeymoon of ours used up most of his vacation days!). He flew to Dallas Wednesday night. DFW airport was madness! We decided to stop by Lakewood Brewing Co. for a quick flight.

Lakewood Brewing does great dark beers! I love Bourbon Barrel Temptress: Imperial Milk Stout aged in Oak Bourbon Barrels. Yum!

Thanksgiving morning: lazy to the max! The parade is on, and we’re all in our pajama’s until at least 3 pm. It’s such a relaxing, cozy day. We were lucky to get a cold front in Dallas, so we woke up to temps in the upper 30s/low 40s. The fireplace was on all morning.

I dug in right away and forgot to snap any pics, so this one is from Kylee (thanks, sis!). Here was our Thanksgiving menu:

Roasted Turkey

White Bread Stuffing

Cornbread Tamale Jalapeno Dressing

Honey Baked Ham

Buttery Mashed Potatoes with Gravy

Butternut Squash Soup

Roasted Asparagus, Broccoli, and Brussels, and Green Beans

Sweet Potatoes with Coconut and Pecans

Homemade Yeast Rolls

And then we had pie! There are 16 pies here, plus the one we accidentally left in the freezer and the one we ate on Wednesday… 18 pies in total this year! I think that might be a record for us.. *covers eyes with hands.

Tollhouse Pie X 2 (Kylee)

Walnut Cherry Oat Butter Tart Pie (Kelsey)

Classic Apple (Kelsey)

Vingar Pie (Nate)

French Silk with Pretzel Crust (Courtney)

Coconut Cream (Courtney)

Bourbon Pear Crumble (Courtney)

Oreo (Caitlin)

Nutella ice cream pie (Nathan)

No-bake Peanut Butter (Kaila)

Classic Pumpkin (Mom)

pumpkin/bourbon cheesecake (Kylee) 

Chocolate banana cream pie (Cara)

Oat maple pecan pie (Cara)

Butterscotch pecan (MOM)

Sweet Potato Pie (Will)

Chocolate pecan (Caity)

We balanced that out with plenty of family walks around the neighborhood! What a fun, lazy, casual Thanksgiving that was. Just the way I like it.

Any favorite foods from your Thanksgiving table this year?






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6 years ago

What a fabulous Thanksgiving week! So cozy and relaxing! I’m glad you had a good time with your family. 🙂

terra @
6 years ago

Those pies all look amazing! That’s such a fun tradition!

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