Summer 2019 Recap

Summer in Austin

Summer in Austin

The summer days are long, but gosh the season goes by quickly! I made this summer bucket list back in May to try to squeeze out as much fun and joy from the summer months as possible, and I think I did a pretty good job of crossing things off the list. (Hamilton Pool: I’m still coming for ya this year! And drive-in theater..I’m still coming for ya next year, but my preggo belly means that sitting in a car for long stretches isn’t comfy right now, haha!) 

To be perfectly honest, I’ve never been so excited for summer to end and fall to begin. This fall is a BIG one for me, with a book launch in September and a baby boy coming in October. 

I really try not to wish away any stage of life, because I know how quickly it all goes. So I did my best to enjoy this one last summer with just Nate before we become a family of 3…but now that summer is over, I’m anticipating the next few months. 😉 

Here’s a recap of summer 2019 in Austin: 


I celebrated my first Mother’s Day (this time with baby in-utero) and got a special flower delivery from this sweet local company. Nate made me a lobster frittata. Cue allll the heart eyes! 

Memorial Weekend: Barton Springs

Memorial Weekend

Memorial Weekend

My sister Kylee came in town for Memorial Day and, in addition to eating our weight in queso and swimming at Barton Springs, we got Amy’s Ice Cream and watched the bats emerge from the Congress bridge.

Memorial Weekend


Things to do in Gruene, TX

I spent 3 days in Gruene, TX (about 45 min south of Austin) with my mom and sisters for a mother/daughter weekend. We rented the cutest airbnb, floated the river, and went to Gruene Hall for a country concert! 

Austin Food Crawls

I announced my upcoming book to the world… Austin Food Crawls is coming out on September 1! I’m so excited to see a bunch of y’all at my book release party this Sunday at Easy Tiger! 

And I read lots of good books this summer! You can see a bunch of them here and here. I love reading all year round, but I especially love reading in the summer. I think it stems from my childhood, when my mom would always sign me up for our local library’s summer reading program. 


Second Trimester Bumpdate

In July, I rented a boat and spent the day out on Lake Austin with Nate and 4 of our friends. We had SO much fun, and I want to make this an Austin summer tradition! 

4th of July in Austin 2019

We spent 4th of July doing a bunch of our favorite things: walking to a local coffee shop, swimming, and watching the fireworks near Downtown Austin. (And I wore absolutely nothing festive that day, because I didn’t feel like going out and shopping for patriotic maternity clothes…ha!) 

10 Tips To Beat The Summer Heat

I did my very best to beat the summer heat… This pregnant body makes me extra hot, hot, hot in the summer! 


I spent a day lounging by the South Congress Pool, one of my favorite staycation spots in Austin. They have day passes available, so I got one of those and spent the day ordering mocktails and snacks from the bar, reading books at the edge of the pool, and taking quick dips to stay cool. 

48 hours in Philadelphia

Nate and I spent a weekend in Philadelphia to celebrate a friend’s wedding. A heat wave hit the city, but we still managed to walk around and pack in a bunch of fun stuff! See the recap here

Comedor bone marrow tacos

And at the end of July I celebrated my 29th birthday with a visit to Comedor, the new modern Mexican restaurant in Downtown Austin. I loved those bone marrow tacos!


Baby Shower

At the beginning of August, my entire family came in town and threw me the sweetest baby shower. Baby Boy and I are feeling the love! 

All about our babymoon on South Padre Island

Even though I thought I was anti-babymoon (haha), Nate and I decided to book a last-minute babymoon on the beach. We spent a long weekend on South Padre Island and did a whole lot of nothingness. And it was perfect. 

And then right after that, we touched down at home for 24 hours and then left again to fly to Utah to visit my sister. She just bought a new house, and I wanted to see it (and her!) for my last airplane trip while pregnant.

We had the best time doing #allthemountainthings: hiking, swimming, visiting breweries, and eating good food. 

Flying at 31 weeks was very uncomfortable…I was so swollen for 4 days, and none of my shoes fit my feet and I couldn’t get my wedding ring on! It was totally worth it to get to see Courtney and hang out for a few days, but I think it was also a sign that summer is officially over.

Summer 2019: you were good to me! I went to concerts, hung out by the pool, and went to Barton Springs lots of times. Nate and I went on so many dinner dates and movie dates (Alamo Drafthouse on Slaughter Lane is where it’s at – those reclining chairs are ahhh-mazing!) and we really soaked up the time together. 

On to fall. 

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