Thankful For Our Neighborhood

We moved into our house in 2021. The time was right to find a neighborhood that would fit our growing family. We wanted an actual garage (not just a carport) and a backyard (not just a fenced in patio) and safe streets.

So, we moved. It was definitely emotional to leave the home near downtown Austin and leave all of the fun coffee shops and taco trucks and restaurants and wine bars we were able to walk to from our front door!

However… (and I say this without any exaggeration at all): I’m thankful every single day for our neighborhood. Y’all, you just can’t buy neighbors like these!! We somehow lucked out with the world’s greatest neighbors and friends. The boys have their little buddies in nearby houses. Nate and I have met soooo many wonderful new friends in the last 2 years who are in our same life experience of raising young kids and learning to navigate parenthood.

Last week my friend Priya invited a few families over for a Friday night pizza party/St Patrick’s day celebration. It was so simple and fun and yet sooo incredibly meaningful. I mean, these little gatherings with friends where I have a chance to connect with my girlfriends and the babies all get to play with one another mean the world to me.

The parents cut pizza into little bit-sized squares and served ice cream and wiped noses and followed little toddlers up and down the stairs. The parents snuck in bits of conversation when we could, drinking wine and IPAs and munching on the side dishes that everyone contributed. So simple, yet literally everything I want.

Anyway, just feeling thankful today!

PS: an update on our Austin life in the suburbs, and a really old weekend recap post (it’s so interesting that my life used to be like that!)

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Lauren S.
Lauren S.
11 months ago

Oh Kelsey, this is so sweet! As a mom to a 6 and 8 year old, I understand this need for simple and deep connections with nearby friends. I’ve actually been reading your blog since you lived in that other house, and I’m so happy that the move to a more spacious house has worked out well for your family.

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