A Weekend Recap (February 2018)

Every now and then I like to do a quick weekend  recap of what I’ve been up to here in Austin. (I did this one back in August, and then I shared my weekend eats in November.) Today, I’m sharing a peek into what my weekend looked like. Enjoy!

Friday night I played a concert with the Austin Symphony. It was “Jurassic Park in Concert,” so we played the John Williams soundtrack while the movie played in HD over our heads. Every musician gets a “click track” in her headphones to make sure we’re lining up exactly with the correct part of music. Movie concerts are always really fun to play. 🙂

After the show, I went home to see my little sister Kylee! She drove down from Dallas just to hang out for the weekend. We had no big plans except to watch a lot of Olympics and eat food…haha. Typical sisters weekend.

I didn’t eat dinner before the symphony concert, and I was starving when we finally finished around 10:30 pm, so Kylee and Nate and I all headed to June’s All Day (seriously one of my favorite restaurants in Austin right now!) and I devoured their burger + fries, and we all split a bottle of wine. Perfect ending to a Friday night!

Saturday morning I had an early wakeup call to head to a space I’m renting out to teach 3 violin group lessons. I run my own teaching studio, and once a month we have Saturday morning group lessons where the students practice playing their violins together and performing solos for one another.

No photos from this, but it was a fun, energetic morning!

On Sunday afternoon we lounged, we drank coffee, we watched the Olympics, and then we got stir-crazy and needed to walk around for a while.

Ky and I took off for downtown and walked around in the cooooold temps! (Kylee actually stopped into Patagonia on South Congress and bought a coat. She somehow managed to find the only black coat in size S left in the whole store – score!).

I showed her around the new central Austin Public Library. Haha! This has become something of a tradition, now. Guests comes in town….and I bring them to the library! #excitingstufffolks…

We stopped into ATX Cocina for a happy hour drink. This is one of my favorite happy hours in downtown Austin, because it’s a pricey restaurant, but you can experience the same things at HH for a significant discount. Aaaand the happy hour is on Saturday/Sunday, too! The cocktails are lovely.

Saturday night: BIG SHOCKER HERE. We ordered Pinthouse Pizza for dinner, picked it up, filled two growlers of beer (Electric Jellyfish IPA and the Lux Kolsch), and lounged on the couch watching the Olympics. Anyone else on google the entire time you’re watching the games? I’m trying to figure out scoring systems, history of athletes, and technique (what the heck is a “lutz” vs an “axel” vs a “toe loop” anyway?) I’m just googling ALL THE THINGS.

Sunday morning was another early morning wakeup call because Nate and I had some painters coming to do our master bedroom. When we moved into our house last July, almost the entire house was white (which I love) with just a few accent walls. But the master bedroom was an ugly beige/green color that just wasn’t working for me. It’s white now!

We’re also getting some blackout shades installed from The Shade Store and we’re having some custom nightstands and mirror designed by Mockingbird Made, the sweetest husband/wife team down in Buda. I’ll share a post about the bedroom when it’s all finished!

On Sunday morning we walked to Central Standard for brunch. We got there a little early and stopped by Mañana for coffee/hot tea. (Y’all….Austin was just so cold this weekend! 32 degrees basically all day Sunday.)

Picture stolen from my sister’s instastory! 

Brunch was lovely, as always. If you go to Central Standard, Mañana, or Cafe No Se (the restaurants at South Congress Hotel) you MUST start with a pastry! Pastry chef Amanda Rockman creates the most decadent treats to start your day. She even competed against Bobby Flay on Beat Bobby Flay on the Food Network last month….and won! 

Sunday afternoon, post-brunch, we drank hot tea and watched the Olympics. I mean, are you even surprised?

Again, photo stolen from my sister’s instastory. Thanks in advance, Ky! I’ll text you soon to double check it’s ok… 

On Sunday afternoon around 3:00, Kylee had to drive the 3.5 hours back up to Dallas and I had to teach a couple hours of violin lessons. Goodbyes are always the worst! I’m thankful to have a family that I love being around. Sometimes I just wish we all lived in the same city!

Sunday evening, after I finished teaching, I went to The Barre Code for a photo shoot! I was there with my friend Rachel (who runs the adorable fashion/lifestyle blog Rachel Lately) and all the Barre Code instructors so we could take some fun promo shots to use in the future. You’ll be seeing lots of those on my instagram in the near future!

Nate and I ate leftovers for dinner and watched even more Olympics and stayed up way past our normal bedtime. I’m not much of a tv-watcher typically, but I’m basically glued to the couch for this month only!

I loved this weekend! I worked, played, dined, and got to spend time with my family. All my favorite things. Wishing you a happy Monday morning, friends!




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6 years ago

I was at Central Standard for brunch on Sunday too. Great mimosas.!

My friend had the egg casserole (so good) and I had the Sunset Salat but they loaded it with bacon bits (I hate bacon!) and ended up with just 2 fried eggs as my meal. So disappointing but at least the space is gorgeous!

6 years ago

Ah! If I had known about the Jurassic Park concert, we would have totally gone! We love movie music. I bet those concerts are really fun to play in. Back in the day, when I played the flute in band, movie music concerts were always my favorite to play. You had such a fun (busy!) foodie weekend with your sister, yet you somehow managed to do so many productive things as well. I love reading about your weekends!

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