My Morning Routine As A Blogger

My morning routine as a food blogger

Mornings are my favorite time of day. I’m kind of obsessed with reading about other’s morning hours. (Ooh, on that note, here’s a quick book recomendation: the book Daily Rituals is a fun peak into the daily routines of more than 160 of the greatest philosophers, authors, musicians, and artists from history….it’s a fun read!)

I’m not a full-time blogger; my degrees are in violin performance, so my bread and butter is teaching and playing the violin, and food blogging is a side hustle. Since most of my teaching and gigging happens in the afternoons/evenings and weekends, my morning hours are precious for getting all my blog-related work done. (I hesitate to even use the word “work” because it’s all just so darn fun!) 

Here’s a pretty normal morning routine for me. I live for these posts on other’s blogs, so hopefully it’s something you enjoy, too!

5:37 a.m: alarm goes off. 

I figured out exactly how much time I need to get out of bed, brush my teeth and wash my face, change clothes, and get to The Barre Code for a 6 am class. Haha!

When I’m not taking a morning workout class, I’ll sleep until about 6:30 or so. I love waking up early because I love those quiet hours of productivity. Once I got used to having those early hours, I got addicted to the productivity! Now if I sleep until 8 or 9, I wake up feeling kind of bummed that I’m just getting started on my day.

{also see: how to wake up early for workouts and love it}


6:00-6:50 a.m: barre class! 

Waking up early isn’t the easiest thing, but once I get to my barre studio I’m soooo glad to be there! Thank goodness those instructors are caffeinated, cause I’m sure not! My favorite way to start the day is by slowly warming my body up, then doing resistance training for 50 minutes.

I feel invigorated and strong when I’m done with class, so I’m ready to move on to the next thing and have a productive morning. If I skip too many morning workouts, I start to get in a slump and I don’t get as much done in my days.

7:00 a.m: back home, MAKE COFFEE. 

I always walk in the door, greet Storm (Nate’s still sleeping), and immediately turn the kettle on for making a morning cup of coffee. I need my coffee, haha!

We’re currently subscribing to MistoBox. They send a new bag of coffee every week, and it’s so fun getting a surprise package on the weekends to enjoy for the next 7 days.

Here’s a run-down of how I make my coffee. I usually brew on a Kalita Wave or an Aeropress.

7:15: quick shower, put on real people clothes. 

I usually don’t do hair/makeup yet, but I’ll at least put on jeans and a sweater so I feel semi put-together. I’m pretty convinced I’m about 10% more productive when I’m wearing real clothes instead of yoga pants.

My morning routine as a blogger

7:30 a.m: alignment. 

This is some form of journaling/meditation/visualizing/reading. I usually spend 20-30 minutes doing something that just makes me feel good. I totally agree with Jess Lively that “alignment before action” is an important step. So, even if I’m busy and have a ton on my to-do list, I’ll try to spend at least a few minutes getting my headspace in order.

Sometimes it just means finishing a really good book I’m reading! But other days I’ll be more intentional about doing 10 minutes of mediation on the headspace app to get my  mind prepared for the day.

8:00 – 10:00 a.m: desk time. 

While I’m working, I’ll usually snack on something like a Siggi’s yogurt, a Kind bar,  a smoothie, or a bowl of oatmeal for breakfast.

I’ve been using Omnifocus to make my to-do lists and projects, so I try to start my day by opening that and tackling the next project. (LOOOVE this tool!!) The $40 price tag on an app is a little daunting, but I’d say that it has more than paid for itself in all the free time it’s created for me from the 3 years I’ve been using it.

A few things I’ll do during this time:

  • Admin work for my teaching position (I run my own teaching studio, so I typically have some accounting/scheduling work to do.)
  • Answering blog-related emails. It’s a never-ending pile!
  • Brainstorming/writing new posts.
  • Planning posts to publish on other social channels (Instagram and Pinterest are my two favorites!)
  • Edit photos

That’s how I love to start my day! A workout, some alignment, a couple cuddles from my kitten, a kiss from my hubby on his way out the door, and then several hours of focus. AND COFFEE.

Happy Monday!








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Juan Carlos Moná Henao
Juan Carlos Moná Henao
2 years ago

Personally, I think Kelsey’s routine is very good, I also think that getting up earlier effectively makes the day better and I also agree that exercising in the morning makes us have a more energetic day with and at the same time with more resistance, although I do not agree, in doing meditation and visualization after exercising, although many people think it is correct, I have a different opinion and I want to say that it should be better to do meditation before exercising to have an excellent concentration and be more productive to the extent. as it worries me in my opinion. 

Sebastián Mejía Serna
2 years ago

I really liked the way you go about your daily routine, and especially since I’m also a fan of getting up early. I agree with those who say that the day was made to work and the night to rest. But in a part of the routine I do not agree, I think that the first thing to do when lifting is to meditate to take advantage and change our mood and prepare our mind for some heavy work, also do a meditation at the end of the day to sleep peacefully and without worries and thus not get to the point of staying up late. In my case, my work starts at 6 in the morning, therefore the sport or exercise was done at the end of my work after 3 in the afternoon, but even if you exercise in the morning, if you should take a bath since this helps to change the mood of our body. Also if you must bear in mind that sleeping a little more is not to feel bad, there are days or times when it is necessary to rest more than normal.

To others who can read this comment, I recommend that you do better time management, where you can manage both your work life, family life, study and free time. If in our routine we do not manage our free time well, we are going to stress and work in a bad way and if our work goes badly, you are frustrated we take them to our house or study, so our whole life gets out of control. And to achieve good time management we can use the Pomodoro or GTD techniques.

Sorelly Muñoz
Reply to  Sebastián Mejía Serna
2 years ago

I think that a routine style as described by Kelsey’s is a reflection of a very organized person who has time for many things, including taking care of himself physically and mentally. I like it a lot, since my routine has a similarity to this one.

I identify a lot with this routine, for example I get up very early, and I try to organize my time so that I can do everything, especially to exercise, take care of my physical appearance and especially to share with the family.

Last edited 2 years ago by Sorelly Muñoz
Reply to  Sorelly Muñoz
2 years ago

7ways to Upgrade Your Morning –

Jorge Iván Velez Giraldo
Jorge Iván Velez Giraldo
2 years ago

I personally think that generating a routine helps you create healthy and strong habits to develop a life project.
I am in favor of generating daily habits as transmitted by the author since this helps you to have a more orderly day and in this way finish the proposed tasks.

sebastian tobon echeverri
sebastian tobon echeverri
2 years ago

My opnion
(Form My point of view)  she takes her live peacerfully.
(I have the same viems about ) the time when she watts to spend the time doing good thinks, but ( I dont shave that point of view ) abaut wake up early to have workout class ( I think) that she has enough time to do What she wants to ( personally I think that ) every one should puro on practice her routime

Rosa Isabel Osorio julio
Rosa Isabel Osorio julio
2 years ago

Hi, i,m Rosa in my opinión i admire Your routine and the discipline with which he organizes his time.llove the way your day is. I agree with you, waking up early is good because you can do so much. You are right when you say that doing exercise helps you be more productive during the day that is exactly what I think. Im interested in knowing what book are you reading now. I would recommend your blog, it is very entertaining and sincere when describing what it really is to have good discipline
I wish I had time to exercise but I will try that in the afternoon hours when I finish my English intensive I will dedicate myself to cultivating that good habit

andres felipe cardona serna
andres felipe cardona serna
2 years ago

In my opinion, the girl has what many people call a perfect life, very organized with a schedule, she does productive things and gives exact time for every activity she does in the day, and doing things that makes her feel happier and more productive to work on what she needs.
I think that the routine is so specific and described that a person could guess the time for every thing the girl mentions and start to do that routine, if it works for the person. Personally it can not work for me because I have a different job, she is a blogger and does other things with her schedule.
From my point of view, every person should try to design a schedule well described like the girl, so people can take advantage of every hour in a day to do what they need and also procrastinate less to have more free time to enjoy the things they like and in that way, people could live happier and be more productive.
As far as I know, not everything or all the strategies to be more productive, works for everybody. What works for me or what I can do, other people can not do it or can not work with that, even though, there are many ways to try starting to have more organized time for every day, you can start step by step trying things and figure out what is the best for me and how to have a good schedule.

sadia komal
2 years ago

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Work Time
2 years ago

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