Spurs Game!

We took the boys to their first Spurs game over the weekend! San Antonio is just a little over an hour drive, and since Austin doesn’t have a pro basketball team, the Spurs are our closest team. (Which feels really funny since I grew up as a Mavs fan! But let’s be honest…I’m 100% a sportswagon team fan and I can rally behind anyone…as long as there’s some good food and good friends around!) So we loaded up the boys on Sunday and drove down to SA for some lunch and basketball with a few of our friends.

Straight out of the car and ready to PLAY! Milo is in that black t-shirt right in the middle of the picture ^ and I’m pretty sure he’s yelling something at me from across the park.

Loooove this San Antonio bbq spot. (Psst: it’s on my guide to the best barbecue in San Antonio!)

I looked down at my stroller and had to laugh… I mean, what in the world am I going to do when the boys outgrow the stroller? Where will I put all my stuff? The coats? The bags? I need to have a double stroller in my life forever.

Love smoked meats, but…I mostly love the barbecue sides. 🙂

Dayton was right there with me! He was aaall about the cheesy rice and the mac n cheese. Not super interested in the brisket.

And now for a few photos of my baby stuffing his face with barbecue sides. He is perfect.

Pinkerton’s is such a good San Antonio restaurant for kids! It’s a downtown San Antonio restaurant, but it faces Legacy Park so you can eat your lunch while the kids run around in the grassy area. Oh, and Pinkerton’s offers validated parking at a surface lot a block away, so you don’t have to worry about annoying downtown parking.

After lunch we headed to the game!

Turns out they’ll give the kids a certificate at their first Spurs game. (My friend Jess discovered this and snagged certificates for both Dayton and Milo. So cute!)

^ Haha, best pic we got. The priority was keeping Dayton from climbing down those cement stairs, so we got one photo and that was it! Here ya go, folks. Not a framer since both boys are apparently distracted by something super exciting in the row behind us, but I still love any photo of all of us together!

My Dayton boy!

Milo was so, so precious during the whole game. He followed along with all the prompts: clapping, and then yelling “DE-FENCE!”, or standing for the National Anthem. It was just cute to watch him observing and taking it all in.

He looooved The Coyote (the Spurs mascot) because it would weave in and out of the crowd and give people high fives. I’m pretty sure The Coyote was Milo’s favorite part of the entire game. Haha.

Aaaaand apparently that’s the last photo I took of the game! We didn’t make it through the entire thing (we still have one baby who very, very much needs his daily nap!) but we had such a blast hanging with out friends and introducing out boys to the NBA. First of many games we’ll attend as a fam, I’m sure.

Talk to you tomorrow! XO.

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