Is Ruggable Worth It? My Review After Buying 5 Washable Rugs

Honest ruggable review: are these washable rugs worth it?

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Before my husband and I moved into our current home, we pulled out all the old carpet had the cement slab polished and sealed. It looks sooo pretty, but I quickly realized that it’s a big house and it’s going to need a lot of beautiful rugs.

When I polled y’all about rug brands you love, Ruggable was the #1 response!

I’ve since bought 5 Ruggable rugs for my kitchen, playroom, and front entry. Now that I’ve lived with them for a few months, spilled on them, vacuumed them, and washed them, I’m ready to share a Ruggable review: is Ruggable worth it? 

(Plus I’m sharing a code for 10% off a Ruggable purchase so you can save a bit of money – just use “AFF10” at checkout!)

Ruggable Review: is ruggable worth it?

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Is Ruggable Worth It?

I’ll explain it all in detail below, but for those of you who want a quick answer for my Ruggable review: yes, 100% these machine washable rugs are worth what you pay. 

(And I realize they’re a little bit of an investment!) 

I bought one and lived with it for a while to make sure I loved it. I’ve since bought two (updated: FOUR) more.

Ruggable review: is it worth it?

What's a "Ruggable" anyway?

Ok, at least 90% of you have heard of these because Ruggable has instagram ads running like crazy right now, but for those of you who live under a rock (KIDDING!), Ruggable is a company that makes beautiful rugs for your home. (And they have outdoor rugs and these gorgeous plush Moroccan rugs now too! I’m eyeing this one…) 

They’re made of two parts: a bottom pad, and a top layer that can be taken off and washed in your washing machine. 

Is ruggable easy to use?
Ruggable sunburst rug

How does it work?

Honestly, super easy. I’m not a very handy DIY person, and it took me 5 minutes to unbox my rug and roll it out. They have a video on the website, but you’ll basically unroll the pad, and then unroll the cover on top of it. It has a sort of hook & loop fastener feel to it, so it sticks easily and I was quickly able to smooth out the wrinkles. 

Ruggable review: do washable rugs work?
Ruggable Damali black and white rug

Do Ruggables Rugs actually fit in the washer?

Yes! Crazy, right? My 8X10 ruggable cover fits into my standard size washer. I was sooo relieved that I wouldn’t have to make extra trips to the laundromat to wash it! 

I did a photo shoot on this rug (I was promoting a Tex Mex restaurant – lots of salsa and queso in that shoot!) and there were a couple stains from our enchiladas and fajitas. I spot treated it, popped in the washer, and it was good as new!  

Are ruggable rugs easy to wash?

How Much Do Ruggable Rugs Cost?

Ruggable rugs cost anywhere from $89 – $700+, depending on the size and pattern you pick. 

They have a LOT of choices! From doormats all the way to plush area rugs, Ruggable has a pretty wide variety of options and costs.

Does Ruggable Have Free Shipping?

Yep, right now Ruggable has free shipping! (I’m not sure if their policy will change, so make sure to check their website for details.) You can also exchange your rug for free. If you want to return it, though, you’ll have to pay $25. This is one of the only cons to Ruggable that I can think of. 

Ruggable review: are these washable rugs worth it?

One of the main reasons I went with Ruggable is because I have a babies/toddlers in my house. Honestly, I’m surprised it took this long for washable rugs to become mainstream, because anyone with kids and pets knows that rugs get disgusting really fast!

Although they’re a little bit pricier than the average rug, Ruggable was a great investment for me. An average rug has a short lifespan in this house (toddler running around!), and I can’t ask a rug to last more than a couple years before it’s stained and in need of disposal or donation. But since a Ruggable is washable, I’m planning to get many more years out of it! 

Do i need the classic ruggable pad or the cushioned ruggable pad?

You can see the difference between the classic and the cushioned ruggable pad in the photos below. The cushioned one is more expensive, so I personally only bought this one for use in the playroom where I know I’ll be sitting on the ground a lot. We have polished cement floors in our house, and the cushioned rug is great for them! For areas where we’re just walking (like the front entry or kitchen) I saved money by purchasing the classic ruggable pad.

Ruggable cushioned pad
Ruggable classic pad

Pros and Cons of Ruggable

Like I mentioned, I’ve bought a few of these rugs now. I know it’s a big purchase and you want as much info as possible before you make the leap! No ruggable review is complete without sharing both the good and the bad. Here’s what I wish I knew before I bought mine: 


They wash really well! Obviously one of the biggest perks, because that’s what you’re paying for. 

These are the best rugs I’ve found for pets and kids. I want a house that feels easy and live-able, and my Ruggable rugs are helping me achieve that.

Beautiful rugs for both kids and adults. They’re just as gorgeous and vibrant in person as they look on the website! I’m so happy with the rugs I’ve bought. (And now I’m a little bit addicted and keep buying more rugs…)

Ruggable rugs are non-toxic. I’ve (unfortunately) ordered some rugs in the past that give off a horrible factory smell for months. Ruggable rugs aren’t chemically treated, so they don’t give off any harmful fumes. 


The smallest size is still pretty big. I’d love to see Ruggable roll out a little mat that I can use in my small hallway bathroom.

The classic ruggable pads are thin. If you’re using this in a playroom or nursery, you’ll probably want to buy the cushioned ruggable pad. (I bought that for our Sunburst playroom rug.) It’s really nice and plush, but it costs a premium.

Returns cost $25. A bit of a bummer, because we’re all used to free shipping and returns these days. So make sure you measure your space and fall in love with the right pattern before you click “order .”

Washing is easy, but also kind of a pain. If you have it in a room with furniture, you’ll need to move sofas and tables off the rug in order to wash. Not a huge deal (I’d prefer this to buying a brand new rug!) but it definitely lengthens the process.

Ruggable review

Other ruggables i love

Their bestselling rugs list is a fun place to browse! They also have these plush Moroccan rugs, which I’ve never tried (I’m curious how they wash, since they have a deeper pile) but they look sooo cozy. Also, y’all: they just launched this gorgeous rug collaboration with Ruggable X Jonathan Adler and I am ob-freaking-sessed with them. I mean, this sexy snake Venom Emerald Rug? Come on…. 

There you have it, friends. I’m just surprised it took this long for adorable washable rugs to become so mainstream… Now that they’re popular, it seems so obvious that a brand like this would exist and thrive! Hope this ruggable review was helpful for you and you love them as much as I do! Be sure to use my 10% discount to save some money!

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Joy Hall
Joy Hall
2 years ago

I want to buy a rug gable but I have a top loading washer, will that hold one of the 5×7 area rugs?

Reply to  Joy Hall
2 years ago

I read that an 8×10 ruggable rug will fit in a top-loader. But here’s a link to the ruggable washing info page.

Barbara K.
Barbara K.
2 years ago

Do they deter dust mites and fleas?

Ashley kelly
Ashley kelly
Reply to  Barbara K.
1 year ago

nope, they are flat, like a mat more than a rug, so no dander.

1 year ago

So if a pet makes a mess on the rug wouldn’t it just go through to the pad? And I’m assuming the pad cannot be washed? Is it possible to buy the rug without the pad or would it just move everywhere I don’t care about the cushion as long as it would not make someone fall as soon as they walked on it by it moving

Carisa Kitselman
Carisa Kitselman
Reply to  Sarah
1 year ago

I have the extra thick pad. And my dog did pee on my rug. I was able to wash the rug. The rug washes nicely. But some of the urine did go through to the pad, unfortunately. And there isn’t really a way to clean the pad. You can do a spot clean like you would a carpet, but it isn’t the same as washing it. I have used enzymatic cleaner on the pad but my dog still finds the same spot. The rug will slide without the pad. I have not explored using any other kind of nonslip pad. You can buy the rug without the pad.

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