Portland Burger Chain Lands In Austin

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Little Big Burger in Austin

Here’s something to do a happy dance about: Portland’s burger chain Little Big Burger opened their first Texas location, and it’s right here in Austin!!

>>This Friday, July 13, the first 500 customers will receive a free burger!<< 

Quick facts about Little Big Burger

It’s a fast-casual restaurant (meaning you order at a counter and pick up your food instead of having a server bring it to you.)

This restaurant apparently has a cult following in Portland. I’ve yet to eat my way through Portland, so I just heard about Little Big Burger a couple months ago when their PR person told me about it (but I’m already a very big fan!)

The burgers are smaller than average, but just $5 or less! Personally, I’d rather have a small burger (using that term loosely here…they’re 1/4 lbs of angus beef, so they’re plenty filling) instead of a massive burger that makes me feel ill.

You can personalize the cheeseburger with your choice of cheese. I picked chèvre; they also offer cheddar, swiss, bleu, or pepper jack.

THE FRY SAUCE IS EVERYTHING. I don’t know what they put it in (Magic? Crack?) but I probably consumed more sauce than fry, and I need to get back and have it again soon.

They’re an Austin company, but they’re sourcing local Austin beer. I chatted with one of the owners, and he informed me that the closest beer comes from across the street (Zilker Brewing) and the very farthest they source their beer is from Austin Beerworks, which is just 9 miles from Little Big Burger. I heart local!

The burgers are awesome. I mean it…they’re super tasty little bundles of joy. I appreciate that Little Big Burger cooks their burgers to a nice, rosy medium-rare (THANK YOU for not overcooking that tasty meat, y’all!) and the brioche buns are fluffy and soft. Toppings are simple (lettuce, tomato, onion, but all fresh). The ketchup, however, is special: they use Camden’s Catsup from Portland, which is a small company that uses all-natural, high-quality ingredients. This is no heinz ketchup, friends…

They make rootbeer floats with Amy’s vanilla ice cream (again, thanks for supporting local Austin companies, Little Big Burger). I made the mistake of walking in thirsty, and instead of chugging a glass of water like I should have, I gulped down that sweet, creamy root beer float like it was no one’s business.

Little Big Burger in Austin

Little Big Burger in Austin

Little Big Burger in Austin

Little Big Burger in Austin

Little Big Burger

1630 E 6th St, Suite 100

Sun – Thur: 11 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Fri/Sat: 11 a.m. to midnight

Fri – Sat


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Mike Pruitt
Mike Pruitt
5 years ago

Very well written

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