7 Best Juice Bars in Austin

First time to Austin? Here's where to eat!

Happy Wednesday to you! If you’re feeling a little bit tired during this mid-week, try this for a pick-me-up: a glass of mighty, cold-pressed green juice from one of these lovely, local juice bars in Austin!

I’m immensely thankful that Austin has no shortage of healthy, gorgeous juice bars to grab a smoothie or snack. Here are my favorites:

Best Juice Bars in Austin

1. Soup Peddler

The best juice bars in Austin

Why I love it: Soup Peddler is the OG Austin juice bar. They’re soooo Austin-y, they haven’t even expanded to Houston or Dallas, haha! Ok, and if I’m being totally honest…part of the reason why I adore them so much is for their Super Baked Cookies. I’ve mentioned those cookies approximately 3 million times on this blog, and I still #cantstopwontstop consuming them on a regular basis.

My go-to order: Besides the cookie? haha.. I love the “Moonage Daydream” made with carrot, orange, apple, lemon, turmeric, ginger, cayenne. It’s pretty spicy, which is exactly how I like my ginger drinks!

Multiple locations, souppeddler.com

2. Jugo

7 best juice bars in Austin

Why I love it: This is a teeny little shop is in the middle of downtown, making it a great option for pre-made meals that you can grab from the fridge. It’s from the same restaurant group that does Parkside and Backspace, which are two of my favorite places to eat downtown!

My go-to order: Jugo was the first place I ever tried a juice with garlic in it, and I actually loved it! (Think of it as a savory juice, rather than sweet, and it tastes awesome.) It’s made with carrot, orange, garlic, lemon, and turmeric.

603 Brazos St, jugo-austin.com

3. Juice AustinThe best juice bars in Austin

Why I love it: it’s a food truck South Congress, so you get all the Austin vibes here! They make their juice to order, so it’s a great place for a healthy treat after you get all hot and sweaty from wandering the shops on SoCo in the summer.

My go-to order: Although I’ve only done it once, I recently tried their 1-day juice cleanse and LOVED it! (Read 4 Things I Learned From My Juice Cleanse here.) I’ll be doing it again!

1221 S Congress, juiceaustin.com

4. JuicelandThe best juice bars in Austin

Why I love it: Juiceland is probably Austin’s most popular juice bar! They have lots of locations around Austin (and they’re starting to expand to other cities, too) so you know there will be one around almost any corner. It’s like the healthy version of Starbucks. 😉

My go-to order: I adore the Percolator when I need a BIG energy boost! It’s made with almond milk, banana, cold brew coffee concentrate, cacao powder, and cinnamon. YUMS YUMS.

Multiple locations, juiceland.com

5. Juice Society

Why I love it: they are easily Austin’s most instagram-able juice bar! Right when they opened, I assumed they were a California chain because they give off that trendy vibe, but they’re actually an Austin company and this is the only locations! You can also find their cold-pressed juice in boutique grocery stores and coffee shops around the city.

My go-to order: I love their smoothie bowls! Pretty, filling, and super tasty. Try the Rose Bowl: Coconut milk, banana, strawberries, rose water, maqui berry, local honey, topped with mulberries, fresh strawberries, and lightly dusted with maqui berry.

1100 S Lamar Blvd Ste #1116

6. Central Market

The best juice bars in Austin

Why I love it: This Texas grocery store has a giant selection of bottles of fresh juice in the produce section. They have pretty good prices on it if you get the big size.

My go-to order: While this isn’t made to order, it’s super easy to grab while I’m doing grocery shopping. I love their green juice with pineapple!

Multiple locations, centralmarket.com

7. Daily JuiceBest juice bars in Austin

Why I love it: this was actually the first juice bar I ever stepped into in Austin! I was downtown with a friend on a VERY hot summer morning, and we were both craving something cold and filling. I got a thick, creamy smoothie, and I was so happy to be going to my first local juice bar!

My go-to order: I love the Green Republic as a post-run refuel! The coconut water is hydrating, and the healthy fats in the almond butter keep me feeling full. It’s made with kale, spinach, banana, coconut water, and almond butter.

Photo: Crave DFW

Multiple locations, dailyjuicecafe.com

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7 Best Juice Bars in Austin Texas


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5 years ago

[…] Also see: 7 Best Juice Bars in Austin […]

5 years ago

[…] Also see: 7 best juice bars in austin […]