One Of The Best Surprises Every Parent Wants (And It’s Free!)


This One's Hard To Beat

A couple weeks ago I was solo parenting while Nate was out of town, and my in-laws gave me the best surprise..

It was a Saturday, and they had offered to take both of the boys on an “adventure,” which is what Milo calls it whenever he goes somewhere fun around town. Whether it’s a trip to Costco or a pumpkin patch, if it’s something out of the house, he calls it an “adventure.” I planned to get a little bit of work done while they were gone. 

It’s always so kind when my in-laws take the boys for a few hours, especially during weekends when I’m solo parenting. It’s hard work!

They went out to a park and then took the boys to an Italian restaurant for pizza. They came home just before bedtime, all sweaty and dusty and happy from a fun afternoon when Nate’s mom announced, “ok Milo, let’s head upstairs and start bath time!”

I gasped and said, “you’re going to do their bathtime?! to which she replied “yes, we’ll give them baths and put them to bed.”  

Friends. FRIENDS! Do you know what a big deal this is? Those final 2 hours of the day are definitely the hardest ones, and having my in-laws offer to do the entire bath/bed routine for me after already taking care of dinner was just about the biggest surprise I could handle. Haha. 

While they took the boys upstairs, I enjoyed a night off of the bedtime routine and relaxed on the couch and read a book. Crazy!


Grammy and Papa took the boys upstairs and gave them baths, changed them into fresh jammies, brushed their teeth, read them books, handled all of the toddler negotiations, and got them tucked into bed. 

Sure, it’s simple, and it’s not something I would have thought of before becoming a mom, but now that I’m 3 years deep into these baby toddler years, I can confidently say that there are few better surprises than someone volunteering to tackle the bedtime routine for me. 😉 

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