Milo is 3!

Milo is three!

My baby is three.

Happy birthday to my first-born son! Words can’t describe how I feel about you, but I’ll give it a shot…

On an exceptionally cold October day in Austin, Milo joined our lives. We brought him home from the hospital the day before Halloween and spent the next few days cuddled up on the couch with the fireplace on, ooh-ing and ah-ing over his tiny fingernails, little bitty newborn diapers and sleepers, dark hair (that soon turned blonde) and dark eyes. Totally smitten since day 1. 

Meet Milo

And today my precious boy is three years old (!!!) and I’m in tears realizing how quickly it’s all going by. 

Milo is three!

Milo is a sweetie. He loves cats and he hugs and snuggles (although NOT kisses right now! He’s going through a phase where he says “mommy you can only kiss me on my head, not my cheek!” which is really hard to do because his cheeks are scrumptious.)

Milo is detail-oriented, like his dad. He loves keeping things organized. After bath time, he sings the clean-up song while he puts every single toy in the bath caddy. Before he could talk or walk, he would put all of the wooden shape-sorter toys in the bucket without leaving a single one out of place. He likes to eat the exact same thing for breakfast every morning. He is a man with a system

Milo is three!

He’s strong-willed, like his mama. He knows exactly what he wants, and no one will convince him otherwise. I don’t think that many people would describe Milo as an easy-going kid… 😉 He keeps us entertained, though! From the clothes he puts on in the morning to his bedtime routine, he knows exactly what and how he wants things to be done, and he expresses it quite loudly. Haha. 

Milo is three!

There are many unknowns in parenthood, but here’s something I know for certain: every single year this baby of mine gets one year older, and I’m never ready for it to happen. 

I love seeing the way his brain is learning so dang fast! He says new  phrases and new words (recently he learned “like”, as in “and I was like…and she was like…”

Milo loves to sing. Goodness he loves to sing! He sings more than he talks. He’ll take any word and put it to a familiar tune, like “row row row your boat” or “twinkle twinkle” or “farmer in the dell.” It’s so funny.  

He’s growing so fast! I wouldn’t mind at all going back to those sleepless newborn days and getting some precious baby Milo snuggles again. 

I also feel really, really happy that we recorded his little 18-month-old squeaky voice and all of the funny things he said back then. 

I know that time is supposed to keep going, but birthdays are a reminder that I don’t get to slow it down and my babies aren’t babies for too much longer…so forgive me if my birthday tribute to Milo is tinged with just a little bit of sadness. I can’t help myself. (Don’t worry – it will be all smiles an happiness, gifts and cake, family and photos for him in real life!!) 

Milo is three!

Happy birthday, my little love. You are absolutely perfect the way you are, and I also love watching you become a new person every single day. You’re absolutely beloved and your whole family loves you like crazy. Can’t wait to celebrate you BIG all weekend!! 

PS: Milo’s calm and beautiful birth story, and Milo’s OkTWOberfest last year!

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