My Life Lately {Vol 3}

Good morning, y’all! Happy Wednesday!

I’m up bright and early this morning heading to…the dentist. For an emergency appointment. Super fun.

You know those permanent retainers you get behind your bottom front teeth when you get your braces off? Well, mine broke when I was a teenager. It never bothered me, though! My teeth never moved so I didn’t worry about it, but there have been two little pieces of cement stuck on my teeth for like…15 years I guess? Again – it didn’t bother me.

But on Thanksgiving Day I was biting into a pecan and for some reason, the cement shifted a tiny bit, and lo and behold there was a tiny wire inside of it! And said wire is now sticking out in my mouth and making it uncomfortable to eat and talk.

Anyway, if you need me, I’ll be laying on my back with a drill inside my mouth for the next hour. Fun.

Anyway, here’s a peek into my life lately:

A much-needed coffee date with Kaileen at a new Australian cafe on South Lamar. 

I’m always going to so many restaurants and coffee shops and cafes, and sometimes they all blend together…but THIS DISH!! I keep thinking about it and craving it! It’s curried eggs with a big, fried, flaky piece of roti. It was absolutely delicious and so packed with flavor. I’m going to head back to Proud Mary for a solo work session soon just so I can eat this dish again.

Fresh out of the bath, cozy in jammies (the top at least…) and sneaking in a few minutes of playtime before bed. I looooove the smell of a baby straight out of the bath.

Some nights we still give him a little bottle of milk, because he’s our baby.

^ A trip to San Antonio! I’ve been going there all the time lately as I work on creating content for The San Antonio Things, my new SA-based travel site. It’s been so much fun exploring this city! It’s close to Austin (about 90 minutes, depending on traffic), but it feels so very different. This beautiful cocktail was from The Bar At Mixtli.

^ One more San Antonio pic, because this new San Antonio restaurant was just soooo good. If you love tapas, check out Hola!, which you can find on this map of the BEST NEW RESTAURANTS IN SAN ANTONIO. 


^Your girl finally hit her 100th ride!! I got into that Century Club.

I love how Peloton paces out the goals…they totally understand how gold stars fuel the human brain’s drive for achievement. They start by awarding you with your first ride (instant jolt of dopamine), and then another star at 10 rides (another dopamine release!) and then they wait until you get to 25…because by then you’re starting to get rewarded by the longterm effects of the ride and you don’t need that instant dopamine hit from a gold star. And then the wait is even longer to 50 rides, and by then you’re starting to get fueled by the endorphins and the oxytocin you feel from a connection with the other members on the app (our brains say, “I’m a part of a community!”) and they hold off until 100 rides, because by then they know you’re addicted to the ride itself and you don’t need a gold star to keep you in the brain. It’s all so genius.

And I’m hooked.

And if you missed it, you can read MY PELOTON REVIEW HERE! 

^ Woo 

Oh my soul…Gati dessert shop in east Austin invited me in before Thanksgiving to sample some of their thanksgiving pies, and it was the most delicious (dessert) feast of my life. Jam (the owner, standing in the back, who also owns Thai Fresh in Bouldin Creek) makes these amazing gluten free desserts and most of then are dairy free and sometimes vegan as well!

If you ever need an absolutely beautiful, elevated dessert option in Austin that’s GF, head to Gati.

Milo's Room

Still swooning over Milo’s toddler room reveal.

He’s really into his new sconces. I think that part of it is that he just learned the word “sconces” and they’re newly installed in his room, and the other part is that we put a little light switch on the side of his nightstand. He’s responsible for turning off the lights every night after we read books, and he takes his job very seriously. (NO ONE else is allowed to turn off the sconces but him!)

When I was packing up for our trip up to Dallas for Thanksgiving, he asked me, “mommy, are we going to pack my sconces?”

Anchovy ramen at BBQ Ramen Tatsu-Ya

Anchovy broth ramen, Y/N? This is another new restaurant in Austin I checked out recently – I made a reel about it if you want to know more!

^ Coloring at night, in his pajamas, and then he says he wants to put his coat on. Weird, but that’s fine. For the record, our house isn’t cold! Ha. He’s typically in short sleeves and totally comfortable. 😉

Hanging his art in my office. I absolutely love that wherever I turn in my house, there are signs that a 3-yr-old lives here.

I went to Industry for Monique’s birthday! It’s a restaurant based in San Marcos that just opened a location in east Austin, and it’s AWESOME. Great for big groups, watching a game, or just all-around delicious bar food. Monique’s nephew was there, and he was soooo sweet with Dayton the entire afternoon.

Nate cooking mapo tofu

It’s alway’s a great night when Nate decides to cook mapo tofu.

Nate cooking mapo tofu

Soooo delicious! Once upon a time he cooked all the time, and now that we have these two little babes our lives involve a lot more leftovers/quick meals. But his mapo tofu is scrumptious. We ate it on the couch while watching a couple episodes of the new season of The Crown.

Playground dates with my babies.

Couldn’t be any more scrumptious.

fall in central texas

^ And look!!! Fall has finally arrived in Central Texas. And tomorrow is December. I mean…we chose to live here, folks…

And that’s a little behind-the-scenes look at my life lately!

I hope you have a wonderful Wednesday. Talk to you tomorrow!

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