How Cute Is This Little Restaurant In San Antonio?

Yesterday I went to San Antonio to visit a few places that I wanted to check out for my San Antonio travel site, and I stumbled upon this little gem.

They’re open for lunch (a big surprise to me…most restaurants that are slightly more upscale/sophisticated like this are only open for dinner!) so I was able to pop in for a quick meal, despite already having dinner reservations for that day.

Restaurant Claudine serves a southern-style food with French influences. I tried a couple dishes, and they were all so lovely.

But we can just go back and talk about all of the wallpaper?

I mean…how cute is this place?

When the bathroom is photo-worthy, you know they put a lot of effort into the design.

The entire little house is a renovated San Antonio bungalow, located pretty close to the Historic Pearl District. It also has a tiny screened-in porch and a backyard/patio, which would be an absolutely delight on a warm and sunny day.

Can’t wait to go back! Keep this one on your radar if you’re in San Antonio, and don’t forget to check out this list of all of the newest and hottest restaurants in San Antonio (Dec 2022).

Happy Thursday!

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