My 8 Favorite Things About October

My favorite things about October

October is magic

I’m flying back from an autumn trip to New England and I’m all head-over-heels in love with October right now. 

Nate and I had the best time exploring Boston and Portland, Maine together. Gosh, I love him. I’m currently flying home to Austin to squeeze my two baby boys, and I’m more than a little bit sad that it’s not 50 degrees in Texas right now.. 

But I love October no matter the state! Here are some of my favorite things about this month.

My favorite things about October

1. October weekend trips. Ok, I know I just said I love October no matter the state or city I’m in…but let’s be real: the northeast corner of the country is where it’s at every October. I’m gone 3 out of the 4 weekends this month, and that always seems to happen in October! 

On of my favorite things about October is traveling! New York last weekend was absolutely beautiful. I’ll recap this New England trip sometime this week! 

My favorite things about October

2. Those pumpkin patches. They are just so dang cute. And most of them are full-blown fall festivals these days, which kept my little boys entertained all month. 

3. Turning on the fireplace for the first time. You know that first coooold morning? This year it was on October 19, and the temp was 43 and I when I woke up I immediately turned on the fireplace.

I made my coffee, curled up on the couch, and read a book for 15 minutes before jumping on the Peloton. It was just the coziest! I love the fireplace all winter, but the very first time I get to turn it on each year is extra fun. 

4. Oktoberfest! Not necessarily the festivals…the beers!! I loooove a delicious festbier! They taste so good in the cooler weather, and even if it’s not that cold outside…just sipping on one makes me feel like it’s autumn. 

(Kind of like how drinking peppermint hot chocolate gives me all the festive holiday feels in December.) 

I drank a lot of local Austin Oktoberfest brews this year, and ABGB’s is one of my favorites. 

My favorite things about October

“I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.”

– L. M. Montgomery

5. Nate in a hoodie. A man in a hoodie = the coziest. 

6. All the fall baked goods. Give me pumpkin bread and oatmeal scotchies and ginger cookies. October is a good month to indulge in cozy food!

I love eating a little sweet snack during my morning coffee. TJ’s pumpkin biscotti was a good one this year. 

Fortlandia at Wildflower Center

7. Playing at playgrounds with the boys. It’s not blisteringly hot! Austin has so many great playgrounds and honestly I miss them during the months of August/September.

This month I’ve been bringing my babies to some fun Austin playgrounds again, and it’s one of my favorite things about October.

8. Trick-Or-Treating With My Fam! Oh my soul, I’m so excited for it this year! Last year Milo was juuuust a bit young for it, but this year he understands it and talks abut it all the time. 

He chose his costume and talks about that all the time too. I just hope that he actually agrees to wear it on Halloween!  

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