Milo’s 3 Month Update

These are the posts that probably only my mom will read.. 😉 But I’m going to share Milo’s 3 month update because I know I’ll want to come back and look at this down the road. My baby boy is 3 months old already? Time is seriously flying. I can’t believe that he’s halfway to the point where we can feed him solids, that he’ll be rolling over and cutting teeth soon, and that just 3 months ago he was still in my belly. Crazy. Now that he’s here, I can’t imagine our family without him. 

Here’s a typical daily routine at 3 months: he sleeps about 10-11 hours at night and wakes up once for a feeding (I do the nighttime feedings, but Nate and I are about to start alternating nights since I have a supply of breastmilk in the freezer now), then he’s really up and awake at 8 am. I feed him, play, do tummy time, turn on some classical music, take pictures, read books, and then he’s down for a morning nap again.  He’s up again around 11 am, eats, plays, and then naps…and then does that whole thing one more time. In the evenings, I’ll feed him, read him a story, sing and pray with him, and then put him down around 9 pm. 

Milo is so chill at restaurants. I love this early stage, because I’ll bring him to restaurants with me during lunch and he’ll just hang out in his carseat, look around, doze a bit, and sometimes smile at me. I know that my days of quiet/still baby are numbered, so I’m really enjoying bringing him to restaurant visits now before he starts crawling and walking later this year!

He’s sleeping in the Snoo in our bedroom closet.  Yes, we put our baby in the closet…haha. It’s a large walk-in closet with two doors, so there’s plenty of space and air. We can still hear him, but he’s slightly removed so all of the little grunts/groans he makes in his sleep don’t wake us up every hour like they used to. 

Breastfeeding has been great, and I’m thankful. He’s 100% breastfeed at this point, and I’m happy that it’s been easy for both of us without any drama. I don’t have an exact goal for how long I plan to keep that up, but I will be honest with you: being someone’s food source is exhausting, haha. It’s both wonderful and bonding and fulfilling and tiring and frustrating to feel tied to a schedule of either feeding or pumping every 3 hours. It’s both wonderful and annoying all at the same time; I have no idea if I’m explaining this well at all. 

He’s so large and snuggly! You guys…this baby! His face and body are just so large. It’s the first thing everyone says when they see him for the first time. “Woah, such a big baby!” I love his giant round head and his chubby neck and arms. He’s so squishy and snuggly and sometimes I don’t want to put him back to sleep when he wakes up in the middle of the night for his feeding because he’s just so fun to hold. I’m savoring every minute with him. 

I don’t have any family in Austin, so I’m hiring a part-time nanny help out. She’s the sweetest girl, and she’s going to help out a few hours every week so I can run my violin business, teach lessons in the afternoons, and keep up with blogging. Milo seems to love her, and I’m excited to let him experience being around someone besides me!

We’re starting swim lessons next week! I signed Milo up for the Bathtime Babies program at Emler Swim School and I’m sooo excited to get him in the water. I feel that, as a resident in the state of Texas where there are swimming pools in everyone’s backyards, water safety is super important. My mom had me and my sisters in the water at an early age, so I only have positive associations with the water, and I want him to love being in the water, too! 

My favorite thing about Milo at 3 months old is watching his brain at work. He is learning things so quickly! He responds to funny voices. Nate does this Donald Duck voice, and Milo’s eyes get huge and he’s half smiling/half horrified at this weird voice coming out of his dad’s mouth. It’s adorable. And when I set him down on a large, flat surface, he starts kicking his legs and flapping his arms and just so animated and excited about life! 

Gosh, I love this little one so much! Sometimes I go to pick him up from his bassinet after a nap and I just can’t believe that he’s mine. It’s like that feeling you have after you purchased something you’ve been wanting forever (like a gorgeous pair of shoes or a bag) and you just feel so excited about it…except that feeling lasts for 24 hours, and this feeling is with me every single time I see him. It’s unreal. 

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4 years ago

Love this update! Milo is such a cutie, and wow, what a good sleeper! Which Emler location are you going to? Getting out for Emler swim classes early on was one of our favorite things we did with Carson. Enjoy!! 🙂

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