Tiny Moments Of Joy

Every parent has one. It’s sometimes hard to tell what it is until you’re in the moment, and then you realize, “oh, it’s weird how I’ve been so excited all day for this to happen.”

The other night I put the boys to bed. They were their normal level of 7 pm crazy (which is to say, the most energetic they will be all day. WHYYYY.) Nate has been out of town for 5 days and solo parenting is no joke, y’all! I love these little ones and strive to appreciate all the snuggles and bumps and bruises and yells and songs and rhymes and running and crazy. All the way to the last moment of their day.

And then right when they were down, I went downstairs, plated my sushi dinner, poured myself a small can of sake, and dove into the book I’m reading for book club. (This one, in case you’re looking for an excellent memoir!)

And I realized just how excited I had been for this exact moment for the past 4 hours. Haha.

Can you relate?

PS: 3 things I’ve learned in 3 years of parenting.

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