Gift Ideas For Your Boyfriend (Who Buys Himself Everything He Needs)

No beard trimming sets or monogramed leather wallets on this list… Here’s my 2020 gift guide for your boyfriend (or husband) who buys himself everything! (Ugh, those people are the worst.. 😉 ) I specifically picked lots of gifts that will be good for new relationships, because those are the most stressful years to buy gifts.

One quick thing I want to offer: if your significant other is hard to buy for because he always sees it/wants it/buys it, it’s worth noticing that the main reason you want to gift him presents is for how it makes you feel…not because he actually needs anything. So go ahead and enjoy all the warm fuzzies that you’ll get from giving him a gift! You can decide to have fun through the whole process, from choosing a gift idea, ordering it, wrapping it, and then presenting it to him with lots of love. No stress. It’s not worth it.

THRIVAL Liquid Superfood – $100

Perfect for the boyfriend who has had a stressful year and needs to get a better night’s sleep. This is the cleanest form of CBD extract possible. (He’s not into CBD oil? Gift him something topical for sore shoulders like this roll-on.) 

Whiskey Stones – $12

Regular ice dilutes whiskey and changes the taste, so these whiskey stones are a must-have for anyone who appreciates great whiskey. (Pair this with an exceptional bottle of whiskey for him to try!)

Funny Greeting Cards From Etsy – from $5

Gift him a bunch of greeting cards from Etsy – he’ll appreciate having them on hand for Mother’s Day, his dad’s birthday, and other random times of the year when you need nice cards to drop in the mail. (I’m in love with the dry humor on this one.)

Sunrise Alarm Light – $100

A gentler way to wake up in the morning. This alarm light was rated the best of 2020, and it’s a thoughtful gift for the person who hates waking up in the morning.

adidas men’s hoodies

Comfortable, stylish, great for an athletic boyfriend or great for someone who just wants to feel cozy…adidas men’s hoodies are great gift ideas for your boyfriend who needs some high quality, comfortable clothing in his closet.

“Places We’ve Been” Scratch Off Travel Map – $30

Remind your boyfriend of all the fun adventures you’ve had…and all the places you’ll go in the future! 

Fiddle Leaf Tree – $200

Add a pop of color and sophistication to his apartment with this beautiful (un-killable) tree. This fake tree is one of the most realistic ones I’ve found.  

Cozy Men’s UGG Robe – $145

Everyone loves cozies to wear around the house, but lots of guys won’t know they want an expensive, plush robe…until you give it to him! UGG robes will last for years and years, too. 

Handmade Mexican Molcajete – $35

Encourage him to up his homemade salsa game this holiday season. 

Confessions Game – $30

Lots of ways for you to get to know your man a little bit better! 

Jack Black Lip Balm Trio – $19

Manly lip balm to keep his lips nice and soft. These all smell sooo good, but not in the typical chapstick smells.  

Maapilim Hand Sanitizer With Essential Oils – $8

A very 2020 gift idea, but everyone needs it! This hand sanitizer is packed with essential oils and smells fantastic. 

Levain Signature Cookie Assortment – from $27

The gift that you’ll probably want to steal the most… These are some of the best cookies in the whole world, and they ship now!

Silk Sleep Mask – $10

This is another one of those things that he’ll probably never buy for himself, but he’ll love having. Cozy, practical, and he doesn’t know he needs until you give it to him. Cue all the Zzzs.  

YETI Day Trip Lunchbox – $80

The Cadillac of lunchboxes: waterproof, hearty, insulated, and ready for any adventure…even if it’s just a day at the office.  

Festival Blanket – $54

Anchoring corners, water resistant base, and folds up teeny tiny. This blanket just made your next music festival wayyy better. (And let’s all believe that music festivals will be a thing in 2021!) 

Amazing Coffee Grinder – $139

If his current coffee grinder has steel blades, fake burrs, or he uses pre-ground beans, this conical burr coffee grinder will take him from 0 to 60. Instantly. It’s the entry level grinder from Baratza, so it’s reasonably priced but still beautifully made. 

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