Foodie Gift Ideas (That Aren’t Dumb) For Your Spouse $100 And Under

Foodie gift ideas for your spouse
Foodie gift ideas for your spouse

Hi foodies! If you’re here, you’re probably looking for some fun holiday gift ideas for a special foodie in your life. I loooove sharing these ideas with you, because Nate and I have collected so many (SO MANY) cool gizmos and gadgets that we use in our kitchen every day. This 2020 holiday gift guide is full of ideas for food lovers, coffee lovers, beer and wine lovers, cooks, food appreciators…just about anyone who loves delicious things.

I promise I’m NOT going to share dumb gift ideas that are just going to collect dust in that tiny kitchen cabinet above the fridge (seriously, you know the cabinet I’m talking about) where clutter collects until it’s time to move, and then you shove it into a cardboard box. Nope, these are all really good, practical, well-made items that you’ll use again and again! And lots of them are unique gift ideas for your spouse, so you can surprise him or her with something off the typical wish list. 

I’ll include the price so you can find what works in your budget. I find that $100 and under can provide a really nice, thoughtful gift. But sometimes I just want to find a foodie gift for under $20 for White Elephant parties, so I’ll include some of those too. Happy gifting!

1. Stagg Electric Kettle – $99

Heat water for your morning pour-over or tea in style! My husband and I have used this gorgeous kettle for years. (Note: spend $50 more and you can get the electric temperature controlled version.) 

2. Pink Onion Goggles – $21 

Not only will you look suuuuper sexy for your spouse in these goggles, you’ll also be able to chop onions tear-free for years to come. (I have these in pink and I look real fine in them…)

3. Dishwasher Safe Wine Glasses – 2 for $35

No one wants to hand wash a bunch of wine glasses after a dinner party, and these crisp, sophisticated glasses are not only absolutely beautiful to look at, but they’re also sturdy enough to go in the dishwasher. (Made from titanium oxide and zirconium oxide.) I even dropped ours on the floor once and it didn’t break…but don’t try that at home. 

4. Thailand: The Cookbook – $28

“The definitive guide to Thai cuisine…” I’m often asked to recommend cookbooks (I own way too many…) and this is the one I use the most. Over 500 authentic Thai recipes, easy-to-follow instructions, and gorgeous photography in this large hardcover cookbook. 

5. Carbon Steel Wok Set – $39

A good gift pair to the cookbook mentioned above. This carbon steel wok is the exact one I’ve used for 6 years, and I’ve developed the most amazing patina on it. Not expensive, but it lasts forever!

6. Marble Wine Chiller – $23

I keep this beautiful wine chiller in my freezer so it’s always ready when my husband and I want to share a bottle of Riesling while we watch a movie on Friday nights.  

7. Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams Best Sellers – $58

I’ve received this as a gift, and let me tell you: nothing has made me happier.

8. Sriracha Key Chain – $10

This is the perfect key chain for the person who has to put hot sauce on EVERYTHING. (You know what I’m talking about if you’re married to him…) 

9. Bodum Double Walled Mugs – 2 for $26

Clear, classy coffee mugs that are just functional as they are beautiful: the double wall keeps the coffee warmer longer.

10. Ember Temperature Controlled Mug -$99

Truly the best coffee mug I’ve owned in my life. I use it daily and can’t imagine my mornings without it now! (Full review on my blog here.)

11. Everyday Superfood Cookbook – $35

We have 5 or 6 of Jamie Oliver’s cookbooks on our shelf, and this is the one I reach for most often. It’s full of approachable, delicious recipes that are full of nutrition and energy. 

12. Subscription to MistoBox – From $11

Personalized coffee subscription so your spouse can have the best coffee of their life, every morning.  

13. Vacu Vin Wine Saver -$15

If I’m not going to finish a bottle of wine, I use this to save it before I put it back in the fridge. Makes it tastes freshly opened for a week! 

14. Cookbook (or iPad) Holder – $15

Whether you use a tablet or a cookbook, this will hold your recipe safely while you’re in the kitchen. 

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