Gift Ideas For Your Father-In-Law (Because He’s Seriously The Hardest To Buy For)

Gift ideas for your father-in-law
Gift ideas for your father-in-law

Here are plenty of gift ideas for your father-in-law (or dad) this holiday season (because we all know that he’s the hardest one to buy for.) Remember that you’re probably not going to change his entire life with a single gift, so just have fun and enjoy the process of choosing a holiday gift idea for your father-in-law and don’t stress about it! 

I love the idea of picking an item that he uses all the time (AirPods, kindle, sunglasses, laptop, cooking apron, coffee mug, etc) and finding a really beautiful monogrammed version of it. That’s an easy gift idea that you can purchase just about anywhere. But here are a bunch of other ideas too, just in case: 

Franklin BBQ Book – $18

A classic for that every BBQ-lover should have on his bookshelf.  

Sulfite-Free Wine Subscription – from $36

Fewer hangovers with sulfite-free wine! Revel Wine lets you customize how many bottles, how often, and what type of wine.

Custom Family Ornament – from $75

A custom family ornament is a sweet idea for your father-in-law, especially if he’s an empty nester. Show off his significant other and family pets on a memorable handmade Christmas tree ornament. 

Down Sweater Vest – $125

Patagonia puffy vests are made to last for years and years. The perfect winter wardrobe staple for your dad in law’s closet.  

Leather Airpod Case – $40

Classic and timeless brown leather to keep his AirPods scratch-free.  

23 And Me DNA Kit – $99

Let your father-in-law take a deep dive into his ancestry with a 23 And Me DNA kit.  

Analog Alarm Clock – $50

A little bit of retro for his bedside table. 

Outdoor Security Cam – $297 for 2

Great for home security…or spying on the neighbors. 

Ember Temperature Controlled Mug – $99

I share this mug on a lot of gift guides because it is THAT good! It’s an easy win for anyone who enjoys hot beverages (so…everybody) and it’s the gift that he won’t know he needed until you give it to him. 

D.S. & Durga Candle

All sorts of delicious fireplace smells…even if he doesn’t have a fireplace.

Dyson V11 Cordless Vacuum – $599

Listen, if your father-in-law is the type of person who gets excited about the best vacuum cleaner in the world, you know. You just know. 

Smartwool Socks =$23

Soft and durable merino wool socks for walking, hiking, or just life-living. 

Ray-bans – $154

Clubmaster Classics never go out of style.  

Schott Zwiesel Wine Decanter

Pair a beautiful wine decanter with a great bottle of red wine that the family can enjoy on Christmas Day. (I also love these dishwasher-safe wine glasses.)

Single Malt Whisky Glasses – $59 for 2

Crystal thin glasses in a beautiful (and functional shape) for your father-in-law to enjoy sipping from his single malt collection. 

YETI Tundra – $300

You’ll win relative-of-the-year award if you gift him a YETI Tundra 35. Everyone wants this cooler, and most people don’t want to buy it for themselves. (Want something cheaper? This YETI 14 oz rambler mug is $25 and is a perfect father-in-law gift idea. 

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