Friday Five {4/21/23}

La Popular

How was your week? I’m coming off a family vacation week in San Antonio which we all know means I feel exactly *this* rested…haha. But it was full of fun memories and pictures of my baby boys! Milo LOVES playing in the resort pool.

I’m actually heading straight into another little getaway this weekend. I’ll share some vacation recaps when I’m back next week. 

But for now..

(1) A new restaurant in Austin

La Popular

I’m excited about this one! La Popular, a Mexico City restaurant that’s starting to open some locations in the States, invited me in for preview dinner last night. They open next Monday (April 24 2023) and I’m so excited! 

This place is GORGEOUS. It’s a big, tall-ceiling restaurant with a central bar, an indoor-outdoor feel thanks to walls that open up ALL the way, the most beautiful textiles and design (I was literally touching the tiles on the bathroom walls, haha), and, of course, some incredible Mexican food and cocktails. I’ll be sharing more about it on my guide to the best new restaurants in Austin…stay tuned! 

(2) Albion Giveaway Winner!

Albion Fit Swim Suit Discount

Woohoooo!! I hosted a $200 swimsuit giveaway on Wednesday, and the winner is…


Congrats, Maggie! I’ve emailed you, so look out for that.

Y’all, these swimmies are seriously SO wonderful. Please feel free to use APRILKELS15 on any Albion purchase this month to save 15%!

(3) 10k Recap

Did you see my 10K recap earlier this week? 

Cap10K Race Recap 2023

I think this is one of my favorite running races I’ve ever done! I’ve done a lot of half marathons, and somehow I just skipped over the 10k race…but it was a BLAST! 

The perfect distance, the perfect weather, a HUGE crowd of people running, and the course (albeit super hilly) was just fun

Actually, Kylee and I were talking afterward about how the hills MAKE it fun. Is that weird? I mean, they’re torture, but the hilly portion of the race made it all go by so quickly. Once it was flat, it was bit…boring. 

If you’re thinking of putting a running race on the calendar next year, I vote for the Cap10K. It was SO fun. 

(4) My Red Light Therapy Mask Is On Sale

Higher Dose Red Light Therapy Mask Review

What in the world, y’all…this is SO good. HigherDose is doing a Mother’s Day sale, and EVERYTHING IS 20% OFF! That red light therapy mask that I’m always talking about is included at 20% off! 

20% OFF THIS MASK! If you’re hoping to gift a really nice, life-changing, worthwhile gift to someone in your life for Mothers Day, this red light therapy mask right here is a good option. 

I’ve written an entire blog post about mine, if you’d like to see. 

Basically, it’s a mask that uses near-infrared LED to penetrate deeper into your skin and boost your glow and rejuvenate your skin. Plus it feels soooo good to wear! It’s a mood boost every time.  

If you’ve been thinking of purchasing one for you or a mom in your life, I’ve never seen them put them on a sale this good before! Now’s the time. 



I’m leaving you with this fun guide I just published to some of the best award-winning breweries in Austin, Texas

Weekends are for breweries! Get out there and explore! 

Happy Friday, all! 

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7 months ago

do you have a code for the higher dose sale? the links aren’t working for me… thank you!

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