Andiamo: Authentic Southern Italian Cuisine in Austin

Andiamo in Austin, TX

Last week, my friend Shveta (the lovely gal who runs invited me to dine at Andiamo Ristorante in north Austin. I’ve been enjoying quite a bit of Italian food in Austin lately (dinner at Juniper last week to try their new Sunday night dinner, a recent happy hour at Red Ash, and a date night at Italic), so I’m certainly not one to turn down an invitation to  eat pasta.

Andiamo in Austin, TX

If you’ve run into me in the past few days, you’ve most likely heard me gush about Andiamo’s food, service, and attention to detail. Holy moly! This restaurant gives 100% in their food and wine selection, only serving that which is authentically Italian. 

And although I have so many positive words to say about this place, I’ve gotta tell you: it’s Friday, and my brain is officially on bullet point mode. (Are you at that place, too?). Bullet points are all I can muster right now. If you’re ok with that, read on to learn a bit more:

andiamo ristorante

  • It’s in a north Austin strip mall, but don’t let that fool you….this place is LEGIT.
  • Daniela, the owner, is from Naples and is adamant that her restaurant only serve authentic Italian food, prepared the same way it is in southern Italy. She even flies home once a year to eat local food (rough life, I know…) to make sure her restaurant measures up.
  • The wine is selected by a certified sommelier who has been passionate about Italian wines for over 40 years.
  • Everything is beautifully presented. I mean it! I hardly wanted to dig in after taking pictures because everything looked just so darn beautiful! When I’m dining out, I want the full experience. Food that tastes good should also look pretty, and Andiamo is spot on in both of those categories.
  • The servers know the wine list. This is a pretty important part of food service, to me, so I really appreciated all of the helpful hints and tips my server was able to give me when I was selecting my glass of Italian wine.
  • Lunch is served Mon-Fri, and Dinner is served Mon-Sat. No Sunday service.


Andiamo Ristorante

2521 Rutland Dr. 
Austin, TX 78758




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terra @
6 years ago

It all looks fantastic! We just got a fantastic new Italian place in Richmond earlier this year that serves authentic and incredible food. It’s simple and delicious, the way it should be.

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