My 8 Favorite Healthy Eats in Austin

Starting a new eating plan this new year? Props to you! I’m not doing anything strict, because I’ve found that I live best when I allow myself to eat anything…in moderation. But I know that some people thrive on strict plans! (We’re all so different, and I love that.)

So, whether you’re following a diet this month, or if you’re just trying to throw in a few extra veggies in your meals, I’ve got you covered with these scrumptious and healthy eats in ATX.

1. Soup Peddler

I can walk to a Soup Peddler location from my house (walkability to restaurants was one of the main reasons we bought our new house), so one of my favorite morning routines is to walk there, get a Shot To The Heart (beet, kale, garlic, jalapeño, lemon, ginger, cayenne, oregano) and go on a run through the neighborhood.

For days when I’m needing something healthy and quick, their smoothies and soups are SO GOOD. I’ve never had a bad soup from Soup Peddler, and I’m pretty sure I’ve tried all of them by now.

2. Flower Child

Flower Child is my go-to healthy place when I’m wanting something that tastes REALLY GOOD (so that I don’t feel like I’m eating “health food.”) Their kale salad is, no lie, one of the yummiest salads I’ve ever eaten. I also like their bowls because they’re customizable! Pick a protein and 3 sides….endless options!

3. Vinaigrette

HUGH. JASS. SALADS. If you complain about “never feeling full” from salads, go to Vinaigrette and get one of their salads (with a protein), and you’ll be full all afternoon.

This pretty south Austin space is one of my favorite places to take food pictures eat fresh food on a warm spring day. The outdoor area is pretty enough to host a wedding.

4. Bouldin Creek Cafe

Austin’s favorite vegetarian cafe has been around since 2000…expect a wait for Saturday morning brunch! You’ll forget you’re not eating meat with your meal because everything is so dang delicious!

This is a great place to go if you can’t decide if you want breakfast or lunch…because they have it all! It sort of reminds me of Kerbey Lane (because they serve EVERYTHING), except this is the vegetarian version.

5. Poke Poke

They call themselves “The Original Poke Shop.” I’m not sure how much truth there is to that, but I do know that this is my favorite poke place in Austin because the servings are MASSIVE. And cheap, too! And since you’re just eating raw fish, rice, and some toppings of choice (love me some ginger, avocado, and green onions), you won’t feel gross afterward.

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6. The Steeping Room

The name is a little misleading, because this is so much more than a tea room! The Steeping Room is one of my favorite cafes for a lunch date, but they also breakfast, brunch, and even dinner. They have some beautiful sandwiches, hearty soups, and a nice selection of Thai- and Indian-inspired bowls.

Note: you can really quickly turn this into an unhealthy meal if you indulge in some of their beautiful pastries. No judgement coming from me.

7. True Food Kitchen

Feeling fancy, but need to be healthy? True Food Kitchen is the swanky place for health nuts. Their interior at the Seaholm Power Plant is gorgeous and bright with marble tabletops, and they have a cocktail and wine list so you could easily justify this as a date night choice.

The menu is always changing – they try to highlight whatever is in season and fresh. Expect to see a nice selection of salads, bowls, pizza, and sandwiches. The ‘Grass-fed Burger’ and the ‘Ancient Grains Bowl’ are two of my favorites.

8. Piknik

I love the story behind this place! The owner, Naomi, has a chronic, food-allergy related illness that led her down the path to allergen-free cooking. She found that she couldn’t enjoy food unless she made it herself….so she opened her own food trailer!

Piknik is perfect for those who are following a strict eating plan, or just want to enjoy healthy, vibrant food. Oh, and this place is kind of famous for their butter coffee.

Any other healthy favorites in Austin? Let me know in the comments!



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terra @
6 years ago

I really, really need to explore the new smoothie options in my own city. We’ve had a few open up recently, over the summer, and looking at all this healthy goodness made me hungry for one!

5 years ago

[…] also see: my 8 favorite healthy eats in austin […]