A Tour Of Our South Austin Home

Hey friends! Today I’m going to give you a little tour of our south Austin home.

Nate and I bought this house in the summer of 2017, just a few weeks after we got married. I know this sounds cheesy, or maybe a bit extreme, but I wake up literally every single day feeling so thankful that we get to live here! This is my dream house, in my dream neighborhood, in my dream city. When we were looking for houses, our wishlist (in this order) was:

  • In a walkable south Austin neighborhood, close to our favorite restaurants, coffee shops, and bars. Ideal neighborhoods would have been Travis Heights, Zilker, or Bouldin Creek.
  • An open living room/kitchen floor plan for hosting and entertaining
  • A modern build

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So, after we both found this house on Trulia (separately, I might add! We texted each other and were like, “um, did you see this house?) and went to an open house, we called our realtor right away. She said that if we wanted a shot at getting this house, we had to put down an offer in the next 8 hours. There was just something about this house that felt “right,” and I know Nate would say the same thing. Neither of us had any doubt that this was the house we wanted. We put down an offer, waited, (oh gosh, I still remember that sick/nervous/excited feeling of waiting to find out if we would get the house or not!), and then…BOOM  BABY! Our offer was accepted!

I mean…that’s the short version of the story. 😉

But enough chatting; you’re here to see pics! Here’s a tour of our south Austin home!

A couple quick things:

  • I felt so funny taking these pics! I’m definitely not a style/design blogger AT ALL. There was no staging/professional lighting done. I just walked around taking some snapshots with my camera.
  • The house is about a decade old. We liked the colors and design, and most of the light fixtures were already installed. Easiest move ever!
  • I tried to include where we purchased our furniture; y’all sometimes send me messages about that on instagram. If I missed something, just comment and ask!

Our South Austin Home

^ The downstairs is essentially one big room that holds the living room, dining room, and kitchen.

*sofa West Elm, rug from CB2

^ I love this little nook! It’s so cozy in the winter with the fireplace turned on. The map on the wall is a historic map of London from the 1800s. London is the first international trip Nate and I ever took together, so it has a special place in our hearts!

 Magazine rack and Eames chair from Design Within Reach, side table from West Elm. 

^ And this corner nook is Storm’s favorite place to sleep the day away. 😉

^ Mid-century buffet from Uptown Modern.

^Bar cart from Uptown Modern

^ Here’s our little hall bathroom.

The Random Light over the dining table was already installed when we bought the house, and I’m so glad…because I love it! It’s made from coiling a string of fiberglass around a very large balloon in varying patterns, so every light is a little bit different.

^ Light from Design Within Reach

One more thing about the dining room: we got a kegerator! It was a birthday present to Nate this year, and it has been so much fun to have in our home. One of the taps is Nate’s home-brew, and another is St. Elmo’s Brewing’s “Chico” pale ale.

Our kitchen is the most treasured room in the house. We love this space! I do enjoy cooking, but Nate honestly cooks a lot more than I do. I’m pretty good at sitting on a bar stool with a glass of wine and watching him cook, though. 😉

^ Cheers to built-in bookshelves! This one is right next to the kitchen, and it’s the perfect narrow size to hold all of our cookbooks. There are two empty shelves, but at the rate we’re going, those are going to be full of cookbooks pretty soon.

Here’s our master bedroom! We had a comforter, but…our cat pooped on it. #funcatstuff. Ha! We had to throw the comforter out, and I’ve yet to replace it with new bedding. So right now we just have a hodgepodge of blankets and random pillows on it.

We’ve re-painted the walls, because they were a dingy gold/brown when we moved in. We bought a new bed (the “Dondra” from CB2) and mattress (went with a Casper!), and we had these custom nightstands and full-length mirror made by the sweetest husband/wife furniture company called Mockingbird Made from Buda, Texas.

We also had two sets of blackout shades installed on all the windows, and my friends…they are a game CHANGER! The house next to ours has some bright backyard twinkly lights that shine into the bedroom, and after one night of sleeping in our new house, we were like, nah-uh, this isn’t gonna work.” The blackout shades were a big investment, but they have improved our quality of sleep (and life!) and are worth every penny.

*bench from Design Within Reach.

^ Blackout shades from The Shade Store. 

^ Here’s my little corner of the master bathroom…

*gold jewelry holder from The Container Store

The master bath has a couple skylights, which make it feel bright and happy.

^ Heading upstairs. That’s a wedding photo that our guests signed at the wedding. I love seeing this every time I walk down the stairs!

^My little work space where all this blogging nonsense happens.

^ In the winter, I can see downtown Austin out that window while I’m working. (Not in the summer, though, when the trees have their leaves.) Last winter, it was so fun to see the Independent skyscraper getting taller and taller from month to month.

*Desk from West Elm

^ Bach’s 6 unaccompanied violin sonatas and partitas on the wall.

Tour of our south Austin home (6)

^ This is my teaching studio, where I offer violin lessons. I spend a lot of time in here!

*Sofa from Ikea, gold trash can from Target.

^ Upstairs guest room. Also called “Kylee’s room” because she comes to visit us so often. 😉

*Bed from Nest, nightstand from Mockingbird (Permanently Closed, moved to Buda and called “Mockingbird Made.”) 

^ Aaaand the guest bathroom.

And that’s a wrap! Thanks for stopping by today to look at my home! If you want to see more lifestyle posts, check these out:

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5 years ago

Oh my gosh- what a dream house! Thank you for sharing. I enjoyed this so much

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