Spanish Honeymoon Memories With Snapfish

This post is sponsored by Snapfish. Hope you love this brand as much as I do! 

It’s been exactly a year since Nate and I spent 3 weeks on our honeymoon in Spain in June 2017. Oh my soul…what a fun trip that was. We still talk about it all the time (especially whenever we’re out at one of our favorite tapas restaurants in Austin like El Chipirón or Barlata!) Here’s a little throw back pic for you:

I’ve never been the type of girl who naturally comes up with lots of fun, sentimental ways to bring my favorite memories to life… I’ve just never been good at that sort of thing! But time passes way too quickly (seriously, how has it already been a year since I went on my honeymoon and we bought this house!?) and I want to be the type of person who slows down and savors things. So when Snapfish asked if I wanted to try stuff from their new kitchen line, I couldn’t agree fast enough and I knew exactly which photos I would use to create my own custom kitchen products!

Here’s the important thing to know about Snapfish: the design process is super, stupid easy. Just upload photos from almost any source (I used my instagram photos, but you can also use Google Photos, Facebook, or your computer), add any designs or words (or don’t…totally up to you! I kept mine pretty simple because that’s my style) and a package from Snapfish will show up on your front door a couple days later!

Snapfish gave me this code to share with you for 40% off site wide:


They have lots of new summer and kitchen items that you can order for 4th of July, Memorial Day, or just as a cute gift for someone you love. Here are a few products I ordered in case you want some photo inspo.

Here’s what I ordered:

1. This glass cutting board

I used a photo that I snapped at one of our favorite wineries, Bodegas Baigorri, which had a stunning view!! The winery is built into the side of a steep slope, so gravity does most of the work in their wine production: grapes are loaded in on the top floor, and each step of the wine making process is lowered down, down, down, until the finished product is ready to be loaded into trucks at the bottom of the hill. Very eco-friendly, and they had the most unbelievable views.

Snapfish made it so simple to make! I just uploaded a photo from my computer, added words (I chose La Rioja 2017) in a font that made me feel happy, and then I used their editing tools to brighten the photo a little bit.

2. This trivet

For the trivet, I chose another photo of one of the most beautiful wineries in La Rioja, Bodega Ysios! We didn’t get to go inside this one because they weren’t offering tours the day we were there, but I love the photo and the memories it conjures.

I uploaded this photo from my computer (I didn’t want to use this one on my instagram feed because I’m in it and it felt weird to have my face on a trivet), increased the saturation a bit to make it “pop”, and added it to my cart.

3. These coasters

So cute! I picked an instagram photo with a really strong memory for the coasters. This “cheers” picture was something I snapped when we were sharing a bottle of Tempranillo on the roof of our hotel. The sun was setting over the mountains, we had just shared a delicious dinner, and we both felt so, so happy and thankful.

All of these cute products showed up in the mail, and the next evening I decided to make the simplest little appetizer to enjoy with my husband along with a bottle of our favorite Spanish wine. I made pan con tomate, which is the classic Spanish appetizer that we enjoyed before nearly every meal in Spain. (Think of it like Spanish equivalent to Tex-Mex chips and salsa at restaurants.)

It is seriously the easiest thing to make (which is one of the reason why I love it, hehe…) Here’s the basic recipe:

Pan Con Tomate

 1 loaf good quality, crusty bread
2 beefsteak tomatoes
good olive oil
maldon sea salt

Cut the bread into thin slices, drizzle some olive oil and sprinkle salt, and put them in the broiler or in a grill pan until you like the texture. (I like mine pretty crunchy). Slice the tomato in half, and grate on a box grater, skin side out. When the flesh is used and you’re left holding just the skin, discard it. Season the tomato pulp with salt. When the bread is done, rub a piece of sliced garlic on it, and spread a very small amount of tomato on top. Add a smidge of olive oil and salt on top, arrange on a plate, and go to town. 

We enjoyed this snack with a CVNE Gran Reserva 2010 Vintage which has made Wine Spectator’s Top 100 list and was one of our favorite wines we tasted in Spain.

Speaking of memories from last summer, we’re also celebrating one year since we bought this house! We closed on the house just before the honeymoon, went to Spain for 3 weeks, came home, and packed and moved right away. It was a crazy, fun, stressful summer!

Cheers to making (and savoring) memories! Thank you to Snapfish for making me slow down and remember all the fun times we had in Spain last summer. 🙂

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