A Weekend At Home In Austin

weekend in Austin

weekend in Austin

Hey there! Happy Monday morning to you. 🙂 I thought it would be fun to share a recap of my weekend. It was full of lots of good stuff!


First off, CHEERS because the sun finally came out on Friday! For those of you who aren’t from Austin: we’ve had the crappiest rainy weather for weeks and weeks. At first, it was fun to be all cozy and warm inside, but then then I got sick of it and craved some sunshine!

We’ve also experienced some pretty crazy flooding, and water treatment plants haven’t been able to filter it quickly enough. Austin was on a boil notice last week (meaning we couldn’t drink or cook with the water before boiling it first.) Major bummer. It totally put all of my #firstworldproblems in perspective, though…

I texted my friend Kiera and asked her if she wanted to meet me at one of my favorite ice cream shops in Austin: Lick! 4 scoops for me, please. I’m pretty sure we collectively sampled every flavor they have! The seasonal flavors are awesome. Sweet Potato Pie is my favorite one right now for sure.

weekend in Austin

Mueller is just so dang cute these days! Every time I’m there, I’m shocked by how much it’s changing. There are new houses, shops, and restaurants going up at every moment.

{Not pictured: an afternoon Austin Symphony rehearsal, a couple hours of teaching, and then another rehearsal late at night.}


Nate and I woke up early to join a team building ramps with The Texas Ramp Project. It’s this really cool volunteer opportunity where groups build ramps for folks in wheelchairs who need an easy way in and out of their houses .

If you live in Texas and you’re looking for a group volunteer opportunity, this is a great one!

<Not pictured: another symphony rehearsal on Saturday afternoon>

I came home on Saturday and read a book and ate ice cream. Have you ever tried the ice cream at Fresa’s? So delicious! Now, Fresa’s is a grilled chicken restaurant…so it’s totally fine if you think it’s weird that they also make great ice cream. I was a little weirded out by it myself.

weekend in Austin

But just try it! So, so good.

This is the lemon meringue pie flavor. We’ve gone through two of these pints in 3 days!

weekend in Austin

Oh hi, cutie! She had just woken up from a nap under that red blanket. Every time I buy a new cozy throw for the couch, she assumes I bought it for her. I’m officially a crazy cat mom and have to take a zillion pictures of her all day long.

weekend in Austin

<Not pictured: Austin Symphony concert on Saturday night>


On Sunday morning I had a photo shoot for a recipe post coming out later this week. So excited to share this one with y’all!

<Not pictured: two Austin Symphony concerts on Sunday afternoon>

I got home from playing the concerts and was STARVING! Nate texted that he was at St. Elmo Brewing, so I drove over there and got a burger and beer for dinner.

Also see: 16 food trucks you have to try in Austin texas

It was a good weekend! I’m a little tired from this 6 symphony services, but I also feel really happy and satisfied with all of the little tasks I squeezed into the small moments of free time I had.

Ooh, one more quick thing before I sign off. Have y’all heard of Meer Bra? It’s a new sports bra company from a husband-wife team here in Austin. I attended an event on Thursday night, and they were giving them away for us to try. It’s sooo comfy!

This sports bra is made from recycled water bottles, which is super fly. I didn’t take a photo of the back, but it has a cool criss-cross strap design that provides comfortable lift without any wires. Anyhow, I’m already a big fan and I plan on buying a second one. Just wanted to share it with any of y’all who are on the hunt for recycled, local clothing products!

Happy Monday!


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