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Friday Friday Friday!

Hey friends! What are y’all up to this weekend? I’m boppin’ around Austin, per usual. I’ve got a few fun things on my calendar, starting with drinks with mah girl Caitlin tonight. She’s a north Austinite, and I live south, so I’m going to show her around some of my favorite places in Bouldin Creek. (Austin is odd…it’s not a very big city geographically, but I find that the horrible traffic keeps south Austinites from venturing north, and vice versa.)

I’ve got a little freebie to share with you today. Alamo Drafthouse reached out and asked me to help spread the word about one of their upcoming foodie movies: The Trip To Spain with Steve Coogan and Rob Brydan. And I’ve got some free movie passes for you to come to the pre-screening event with me!

When: Monday, August 28 at 7 pm

Where: Alamo Drafthouse, South Lamar

What: A pre-screening of The Trip To Spain with Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon

Why: ‘Cause, dog. The movie isn’t released until September 1, but you can see it 3 days early and FO FREE if you show them this blog page!

If you don’t know this film, The Trip To Spain is the third movie in a series with Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon in which they tour around the country, sampling Spanish cuisine, seeing the sights, and engaging in hilarious banter.

So, back in 2010, The Trip was released…

….and it’s all sorts of hysterical. In this first movie, they roam around northern England, eating, chatting, traveling. It’s very much a British comedy movie! The Trip was a hit, so in 2014, another one was released:

The Trip to Italy is the second movie in the series. Food. Banter. The whole shebang. And on September 1, 2017, the third movie will be released at Alamo Drafthouse:

Seriously….these guys are ridiculous, and their Michael Cain impressions are pretty spot on. It’s basically a bunch of food, conversation, views, and laughs all packed into one movie! This is a must-see for all my foodie friends!

I’m going to a pre-screening at Alamo Drafthouse South Lamar on Monday, August 28. I’d love for you to join me! Just show them this THIS E-PASS, and you and a friend can get in for free! (* NOTE: Just be sure to show up nice and early….there are a limited number of seats, so not everyone is guaranteed to get in. But no worries – show up early, and then just order some drinks! Alamo has such a good draft list, so you can enjoy a beer while you wait for the movie to start!)

I hope to see you there!









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